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Fantasizing about you on a #ScintillatingSunday #FantasyDiary


Happy Scintillating Sunday.

Today I’m sharing eight paragraphs from book one of my Fantasy Diary series. Book three of the series is scheduled to be released this winter. In book one you are introduced to Devin and Alyssa. They both have secrets. Hers is a little naughty and his is a little dangerous. But before they can get to sharing secrets they have to first get past the fact that he’s her boss and she’s his secretary.


Knowing that another man was touching her and loving her in ways Devin never would, almost made the demon he kept caged inside of him emerge. He could feel his skin rippling. Devin took a deep, calming breath. Alyssa was off limits.

Even if she were single and interested in him, he still couldn’t have her. It was too risky. She made him feel things he wasn’t used to. He didn’t know if he could handle touching her without hurting her. Hurting Alyssa was something he would never do.

He would just have to endure her presence. He would take pleasure in the shy smiles she cast his way every now and again. He would enjoy the laughs they shared while working late some evenings. He would maintain the professional relationship they had, even though he yearned for a taste of her.

Devin turned and placed his back against the window. Shoulders sagging, he felt like the weight of the world was resting on his shoulders. But it wasn’t the world weighing him down, it was his own feelings – feelings that he was determined to keep bottled up.

He stared at the door that separated him from the woman he desired. A piece of metal and space was all that separated his body from hers. It would only take a couple of strides for him to reach the door. One pull on the door knob and he could send it flying across the room. Then he would be face to face with the one woman in this world that made him wish he wasn’t a beast with a conscience.

If he had no conscience, he would take her, now, against his desk, against her desk, against the wall, on every damn hard surface in this building. He would make sure she enjoyed it. He would make sure he pleased her so thoroughly she wouldn’t ever think of leaving him, even when she found out he was not the man he pretended to be.

Devin sighed, but that would never happen. Because though he was a beast, he did indeed have a conscience.

That conscience kept her safe from him… for now.


~Christmas Fantasy Blurb~

One bite was all it took.

It’s that time of year again. Alyssa Blakely is busy writing in her fantasy diary, filling it with all her forbidden, sexual fantasies. The star: her very sexy boss, Devin Jordan. Too bad for her, he’s never given her a second glance.

Or so she thought…

After a steamy kiss under the mistletoe and a night of wild sex, Alyssa has the bite to prove just how wrong she was.

Devin Jordan has found his mate. The only problem: she’s human. He’s not. Can he prove to her that his inner beast can be both naughty and nice? Or will her fear of the unknown and a threat neither of them saw coming keep him from claiming her?

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