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Her Dom’s Journal Pt 7 #Surprises


Previously on Her Dom’s Journal…. London gets distracted from her reading by Daniel, the man she thought was sleeping with her Dom.

“I want oral,” Daniel said as he took another sip of his champagne. “Hey, let’s go to The Fetish Garden. I promise I won’t tell Michael. I’m sure I can find someone there to give you oral.”

Ugh, London groaned. Her plans to read her Dom’s journal all night long had strode out the door the moment Daniel walked in. Forget one hour, make that two hours of oral sex Michael owed her.

“Come on Danny, let me find you a robe.”


I thought I was kinky.

Daniel is officially the King of Kink.

I’d planned to find him something to wear, then sit him down in front of the television while I resumed reading my Dom’s diary. That didn’t happen. Daniel followed me all over the house, moaning and groaning about how he wanted to be out clubbing.

There was no way I was letting him leave. I may be a rebellious sub, but I knew better than to disobey Michael on this issue, no matter how bad I wanted to be rid of Danny boy.

So, instead of reading my Dom’s journal, I’m sitting on the living room sofa, with a glass of champagne watching Daniel teach me how to properly give head. Apparently, I’ve been doing it wrong all this time.

Who knew?

“The shaft is not the sensitive part, okay Red.”

I nod, ashamed to admit that I am mentally taking notes.

“It’s the head that feels all the sensations.” Daniel put the cucumber between his lips. He slid it in a little and then pulled it out slowly, smacking his lips once the cucumber was free.

“Never give them too much at first,” he told me. “Tease them, make them quiver with need. By the time you’re fully ready to give them some good head, they need to be five seconds away from coming.”

“So,” I twirl my hair as I stare at him. “We want them to already be close to coming before we actually give them some head.”

“Yes, because no matter how sexy we make this look, this isn’t fun. It’s hard work. If we sit there sucking and rubbing for hours, we’re going to get lock jaw. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So tease them. Make them feel like they’re experiencing something exotic. Then when they’re at their breaking point, give it all you got. Suck them hard and fast.”

Hard and fast, I mentally jot that down. Michael loves when I give him head, but if I can make it even better, he’ll love me more and probably get over this need to have me behave in the way he seem fit.

“Okay,” I say to Danny. “Enough about head. Let’s talk about being a sub.”

Danny takes a bite out of his cucumber. As he chews he asks, “What you want to know about it?”

“Were you good at it?”

“Was I?” He swallows his veggie then tosses the remaining piece back onto the tray. “I was the best at it. Ashton, God rest his soul, used to tell me that I should give lessons down at The Fetish Garden.”

“Really?” I ask. “And you liked being a sub?”

“Of course.”

“But you seem so…” What’s the right word I’m looking for?

“So flamboyant… so independent… so full of myself that I couldn’t possibly follow anyone else’s orders?”

He basically sums up what I was thinking.
“Yes, you seem too headstrong to be a sub.”

“I know, but I really wanted Ashton. And he was Dom. You can’t have two Doms in a relationship, unless it’s a threesome of course. I thought it would be hard, you know, subbing. But it wasn’t. I loved letting Ashton be in control of my body. Outside of the bedroom, we were equals. But the moment we entered the room we shared, he was the ruler, my king. And boy did he know how to rule. There was this thing he did with his fingers…”

“Okay, okay, I don’t need to know the details.”

“You seem real shy about all this.” Danny grabs his drink then leans back in his seat. He gives me this odd look. “A little too shy to be the mate of one of those Fetish Boys.”

“Mate, Fetish Boys? Give me that glass. I think you’ve had too much to drink.” I try to pull his glass away from him. He raises it above his head and stares at me with a shocked expression on his face.

“Are you saying you didn’t know you were Mike’s mate?”

“Mike’s mate, you mean like his sub?”

“No, no, no,” Daniel stands up. “How can you not know this? You’ve been marked. I see the mark.”

“What mark?” I stare at my hands.

“Not on your hands, silly, on your neck.”

My hand shoots to my neck. I stand up and rush to the closest mirror. “There’s nothing on my neck.”

Daniel sniffs me. I push him away, but he keeps doing it.

“He hasn’t changed you,” he says then bursts out laughing. “Oh my gosh. No wonder he doesn’t like you going to the Garden by yourself. Those other shifters would snatch you up and collar you so fast your head would spin.”

Shifters… what the hell was he talking about?


**I think there’s something her Dom forgot to tell her, what do you think?**

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