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Character interview with the cast of SILVER. #SciFi #Romance #BWWM


Q: Which one of you are the most romantic?

Silver: I am.
Malia: No, I am.
Silver: Have you ever fed me chocolate?
Malia: Well, no.
Silver: Have you ever massaged my feet?
Malia: Nope.
Silver: Have you ever brought me breakfast in bed?
Malia: No, but I’ve cooked for…
Silver: Have you ever killed guards of the Galaxy Patrol to protect me?
Malia: Well, no, but…
Silver: Just admit it. I’m more romantic than you.
Malia: Okay, you are. But, the next time we run into Galaxy Patrol, I’ll do the killing.
Silver: Whatever you want love. See, that’s me being romantic again.
Malia: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Close up black and white portrait of a sexy african american woman

Q: Where do you both see yourself in five years?

Silver: Together.
Malia: I think we’re supposed to be more specific.
Silver: Together. On a ship.
Malia: Sometimes he can be so difficult. I see us together, on a ship, madly in love with maybe a kid or two. We’ll no longer be on the run from the authorities. I’ll be able to open up a new diner and our kids can help me cook.
Silver: I only disagree with one thing. Instead of two kids, I want six.
Malia: Let’s make sure we can take care of one first.


Q: If you could change one thing about your mate, what would it be?

Silver: I would change the way she sees herself. She thinks she’s too curvy. I think she’s perfect.
Malia: He doesn’t understand when I say I need to lose a few pounds.
Silver: If you lost a few pounds, you wouldn’t be the female I fell in love with.
Malia: But the average female weighs…
Silver: You are not the average female. You are mine. I am happy with every inch of you.
Malia: Aww, babe. I love you.
Silver: I love you too. Now answer the question and tell them that you would change nothing about me.
Malia: Actually, there is one thing I would change.
Silver: What?
Malia: You’re a little overprotective.
Silver: That will never change.
Malia: You could cut back a little.
Silver: Not happening.
Malia: I didn’t think so. It doesn’t hurt to try.


~And there you have it. These two are perfect for each other. However, their road to love wasn’t an easy one. Read SILVER to learn of their adventures. Silver is available now. Be sure to enter the Galaxy Giveaway for a chance to win a lovely necklace. ~

All Malia Valdese wants to do is survive in the Outlands and serve food to the patrons of her diner. She doesn’t want anything to do with the handsome silver-eyed stranger who keeps showing up after closing, asking her weird questions and making her feel something she hasn’t felt in years, desire.
She doesn’t care that he’s the sexiest male she’s ever seen or that he stares at her like she’s the main course. Steering clear of him is her plan. Well, it was the plan, before he turned her world upside down with four words…. You’re coming with me.
Apparently she has no say in the matter.

She’s not on the menu. But she’s what he hungers for.
Her scent tells him she’s his and the wanted pictures popping up all over the dark-net tells him he needs to lay low for a while. Having her next to him in bed while he tries to clear his name is the plan. Unfortunately, his enemies are closer than he thought and now they’ve found his weakness…. her. Can he shield his mate from the consequences of his dark past? Or will she flee to his enemies to escape him and the intense emotions he stirs inside of her?

No matter what she chooses, he has no intention of letting her go, ever.


Silver traced his fingers up her arm. Shivers raced over her body. She found herself leaning closer to him, needing to feel every inch of him.
“Tell me to step away.”
Why would she do that? No rational female would tell a creature like him to step away. Wait, she should do that. She wasn’t trying to be with him for real. This was pretend.
“Say it and I’ll do it. I promise Malia.”
She couldn’t say it. The words wouldn’t come. Instead, she reached up and touched his face. His eyes closed and he leaned his forehead against hers.
“I don’t want to say that.” Even the rational part of her was falling for this male.
“Good, because I don’t want you to say it. I want to keep you all to myself,” he whispered. “I don’t want to share you.”
“You don’t have to share me. I’m all yours.” Yep, she’d just said that. And right now, she meant it. She’d deal with the consequences of her words later.
“All mine,” he mumbled, opening his eyes. “And I’ll destroy anyone who threatens you.”
Stars, that was the most violent statement she’d ever heard, yet it made her feel safe. What was she turning into?
“Say you believe me, Malia.”
“I-I believe you.”
“I won’t let anything happen to you. Say you believe this.”
“I believe it.”
“Good.” He took a step back, her hand still resting on his cheek. His hand covered hers. “I will go and get the crew. I will try my best not to kill any of them for getting too close to you.”
“Please behave. I don’t need you dirtying up my new kitchen.”
He smiled, before pulling her hand away from his face and placing it over his heart. Her breath caught.
“This is all yours,” he told her. “I promise.” He released her hand and went in search of his crew, leaving her breathless.
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3 thoughts on “Character interview with the cast of SILVER. #SciFi #Romance #BWWM”

  1. The character interview is such a cool idea. I love his answer to that last question. I think it is a problem most woman face–too curvy, too skinny, too short, not tall enough, and the list goes on. It’s beautiful when someone doesn’t want you to change. Well done!

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