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#Naughty Excerpt: Good Girls Get Special Kisses #FantasyDiary #Paranormal


Happy Saturday!

Today I’m sharing a naughty excerpt from my Christmas romance, Christmas Fantasy. Christmas Fantasy is book one in the Fantasy Diary series. It follows the life of Alyssa Blakely and her boss Devin Jordan. But Devin isn’t your average boss, he’s more… so much more. Luckily Alyssa can handle the beast he tries to hide. Enjoy this peek into their lives.


Devin closed his eyes, blocking the vision of his mate spread open before him from his mind. He felt movement on the bed, but he didn’t open his eyes. All he needed was a few more seconds to get his beast under control.

A few more seconds to let his need to pierce her silky skin with his teeth subside.

The need for those seconds intensified the moment he felt her mouth close around his cock, and before he could stop it, before his mind could register what was happening, his beast was freed.
Devin opened his eyes and stared down at her through a red haze.

Everything in the room except for her seemed distorted to him, a clear sign that his beast was in charge. Alyssa sucked him deeper into her mouth.

His fangs slipped through his gums, there was nothing he could do to stop them.
He didn’t feel like himself, he felt like… a beast.

She licked the tip of him and every ounce of control he thought he had disappeared.
Devin grabbed Alyssa by her shoulders, pulling her away from his cock.

‘Be gentle, be gentle,’ he repeated over and over in his head.

“I wasn’t done,” she muttered as he laid her on her back.

She’d taken her bra off and was now completely naked.
Devin groaned.
Fuck being gentle.

His control snapped and shattered into a million tiny pieces that he would never be able to put back together. Devin spread her legs and he dove, face first, into her core.

Alyssa gripped his head. He could feel her legs trembling as he devoured her.
Devin kept his eyes lowered. He knew they were black now, no white left, no indication of humanity at all.

“Devin, I can’t, I can’t think straight.” Alyssa writhed against his tongue.

He continued licking her. He couldn’t talk in his condition. His voice would sound too gravely, too dark. He needed more of her taste on his tongue. Her whole body began to shake. Devin gripped her hips and pulled her closer to his face, making sure there was no space between them.

He didn’t even want the air to touch her core, that’s how determined he was to keep this woman all to himself.

I will never share what’s mine.


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