#DearSanta: I’d like to be on your naughty list this Christmas. – Anika #SuccubusNights


The final days until Christmas are upon us and my characters have procrasinated all month long and are just now getting their letters in to Santa. Here’s Anika’s letter to Santa.


Dear Santa,

Before coming to Earth, I’d never heard of you. On my planet, there is no male flying through the sky on a sleigh that is pulled by reindeer. For starters, the animals would not be able to see through the thick clouds of my home-world. The sleigh would probably crash and you would die from the impact or you would freeze to death which would be more painful.

But enough small talk. On Earth, people write you letters asking for gifts. Today I am asking for something I probably shouldn’t ask for. I’m asking to be put on your naughty list. This may seem kind of crazy. But, I don’t wish to be good any longer.

All my life, I’ve done what my father asked of me. I’ve been the good daughter, the good hunter, the good friend. I’ve been what others wanted me to be for so long that i have no idea who I am. But after being kidnapped and tied to a chair by a madman, I’ve come to realize that I’m not the female people thought me to be.

I should be frightened of my captor. Instead, I’m intrigued. I should be crying and begging for him to release me. Instead, I’m insisting that he bathe me and demanding that he return my weapons to me.

The bathing part is the purpose for this letter. I liked it. No, I LOVED it. I want more of it. I may be a succubus, that doesn’t mean I’m not shy. I’m hoping by adding me to your naughty list, that will inspire me to do what I really want. I’m hoping it will inspire me to be the naughty creature I’ve tried to keep locked away for all these years. Please consider placing me on your naughty list. I have grown tired of being nice all the time. Thanks, and happy holidays.

P.S. I’m pretty sure Dylix, my captor, is already on your naughty list. Can you double check for me to make sure he is? Thanks

Anika Kaleen,
Daughter of Anton Kaleen – Leader of the Galactic Bounty Hunters
Best friend to Natina and Izzie
Captive of Death himself, Dylix Donall
Soon to be member of the Naughty List


Her name is Anika Kaleen. She’s a galactic bounty hunter.
My enemies call me Death. I’m her target.

Falling for her should be the last thing on my mind. Yet, she’s all I think about. It’s ironic that the only female I want, wants me dead. She’s no match for me. Her pride drives her to continue searching for me. My feelings for her keep me from ending her life and putting a stop to this madness.
I’ve tried warning her away. I’ve tried scaring her away. Nothing is working. The only thing her determination is doing is making me want her more. I told her to stop hunting me. I told her if our paths crossed again, I would take her. She didn’t listen. She never listens. But I always keep my promises.

She wants me dead.
I want her… period.
Let’s see which one of us completes our mission.


“Death,” I call out. It feels weird calling to death. But if that’s what I have to call him to keep from angering him, I will.

“Don’t call me that,” he calls down.

“You told me not to call you Dylix. What am I supposed to call you?”

“Don’t call me. Period.”

Okay, now he’s just being a big baby. “Dylix, listen. It feels like there’s a lot you’re not telling me.”

“I don’t owe you anything.”

Ouch. “Uh, sure you do. You kidnapped me. You lied to me. You tied me to a chair. You…”

“You shot me.”

“The bullet went straight through. At least it didn’t get lodged inside your shoulder.”

“You’ve been hunting me for a year.”

“In my defense, my title is bounty hunter. This is what I do. If you didn’t run, I wouldn’t have to chase you.”

“You shot me with an arrow once…”

“You didn’t die.”

“You still shot me.”

“In the leg. It was more like a friendly request to get you to stop running.”

“You came all the way to Earth to kill me…”

“I’m here to apprehend you. Not kill you.”

“You called me a monster.”

“You are a monster.”


Damn. Why did I say that? I’m not wrong. He is a monster. But me saying it aloud doesn’t help my current situation.


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