Coming Friday 13th: Nowhere To Run #Romantic #Suspense #BWWM #GNFseries

One stupid mistake puts her on the radar of one of the richest men in Chicago. He knows what she did. And his silence can’t be bought with money. After one night with him, her life will never be the same.

Businessman looking at illuminated night city. Double exposure

Mason had seen her fleeing the scene.

As Melanie raced down the hill, she couldn’t help but wonder what he would tell the cops. Apparently someone had called them. She could still hear the sirens, which meant she was still too close to the scene for comfort.

She wouldn’t feel a tad bit safe until she reached her home. And once there, she would have to pack up everything she owned, which wasn’t much, and leave. Melanie raced across the highway, thankful there were no cars out tonight.

Everyone was in for the holidays. She should’ve stayed in. Damn it, why did she have to leave her house? Mr. Edwin had been so drunk, he probably wouldn’t have remembered whether she showed up or not.

Now, she was a murderer.

She still had slivers of the murder weapon in her hand, pressing deep into her flesh like extensions of her. Her mind was barely able to acknowledge that she’d actually taken a life tonight. Her face would be all over the news.

Her picture would be plastered all over newspapers. Police would swarm her house, and they wouldn’t rest until they found her, the woman who killed the front-runner of the communication industry.

Her address was on her resume. Her resume was in her file at Rochester Communications. She couldn’t stay at home. Maybe she would get a hotel to stay in until she could catch a bus to anywhere but here.

She didn’t know. She would figure all that out later. Right now, she just needed to get as far away from the Rochester’s mansion as she could. She prayed Mason would keep his mouth shut long enough for her to escape. The piercing look he’d given her still sent chills down her body.

Damn, she never should’ve left her house.

**Nowhere to run is an erotic/suspense/thriller coming January 13th, 2017.**

Businessman looking at illuminated night city. Double exposure

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