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Spotlight: Blood Lust by DJ Shaw


Happy Monday. Today, I’m shining the spotlight on DJ Shaw’s novella, Blood Lust. Enjoy!


Catriogwyn Stacey has been around for two hundred thirteen years and has seen a lot in that time. When her Great-Great-Niece, the last of her living family, dies she discovers there’s more than she thought. Will her family secrets consume her?


When she came to, the moonlight was still shining down on her but it seemed brighter, harsher. She looked around, only to discover that she was completely alone.
She was beginning to think that she’d had some sort of lucid fantasy, until she noticed drops of blood on her skirts as she was wiping bits of debris off of them. Her hand slowed and she gathered her skirts up, preparing to run home. But a voice stopped her.
“Ah. So you have come to. For a moment there, I was afraid the change had not taken and I had simply drained you dry.”
She turned toward the voice and saw the shadow of the man who’d attacked her.
“Change? What change?” she asked him, her voice squeaking.
He simply chuckled and stepped out into the clearing. He looked her over, taking in her disheveled hair, soiled dress, and frightened eyes.
Clicking his tongue, he answered, “Why the change into Vampire. I was afraid it would not take because of the demon blood coursing through your veins. Being Succubus, your life span is much longer than that of a mere human and some Demon’s blood does not mix well with Vampire’s. But as I was draining you, I decided to give it a shot. A Succubus is a lot like a Vampire in some regards. What I want to know is how is it that you did not know you are half Succubus?”
She regarded him with some curiosity. Everything seemed to be in much better focus. She took in her surroundings again, thinking about his question. The leaves on the trees had more contrast. She could almost count the veins in them.
When she’d finished looking at everything around her, she found that she had no choice but to return her gaze to his.
“Our father disappeared when my older sister became an adolescent. Not much has been spoken about him since. Our mother died a few years after of what everyone assumed to be heartbreak. Freya, my older sister, has tried talking to me about a condition having to do with her husband after sex but I never gave her the time to finish her thoughts.”
She stopped talking abruptly. The man had been listening intently and he let out a soft sigh.
“I see,” was all he said.
She turned to the edge of the woods she’d entered the clearing through.
“Oh my god! Freya! I have to go home and tell her!”
He came close and wrapped his hand around her wrist, saying, “I am afraid you cannot go back home. You must come with me.”
She stared at him as if horns had suddenly sprouted out of his head.
“What do you mean, I cannot go home? I must! Freya and Aidan will be worried.”
He shook his head sadly, “I am sorry but you cannot. The smell of the blood coursing through their veins, especially your sister’s, will make it difficult for you to keep your hunger under control. Come, we must go.”
Catriogwyn wasn’t sure how to feel. She couldn’t stand the thought of never seeing her family again, but she’d wither away, immortal or not, if she ever hurt them. She had an internal struggle, trying to make the right decision.
“My, where are my manners? My name is Lukas Spilka and I know Miroslav, your father. In fact, he and I are good friends.”
She turned to him and raised an eyebrow, “Introductions are a bit late, do you not agree? But I am intrigued about my father. My name is Catriogwyn Stacey. You mentioned that we needed to go? Lead the way.”
She remembered him saying, “So Stacey is the last name he has fabricated for this day and age” as she took his outstretched hand and following him into the woods. He led her to a small cave that she never would have found on her own. They made small talk on their walk to that cave and it was only when they entered the mouth that she stopped him.
“You live in a cave?”
He sighed and tugged on her hand as he replied, “Yes and if you would only follow me, I will tell you why.”
She recalled his explanation and a small smile played upon her lips. She shook off the clinging remnants of the memory concerning the night she’d been turned and focused on the letter from the attorney’s office. She needed to pack and book a flight to Wilshire, Maine for the reading of her Great-Aunt Prudence’s will.


Blood Lust (The Pink Rhinestone Tiara Series Book 1)





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