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Cinderella and the Wolf Prince Sexy Teaser. #FairyTale #SirensTale #ParanormalRomance

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Today, I’m sharing a sexy teaser from my latest release, Cinderella And The Wolf Prince. Enjoy!


He moved forward, stretching her as he slid into her heat. She’d never felt so full. He kept going, until he was fully seated inside of her. He lifted his mouth from hers.

“Mine,” he growled before pulling out and surging forward.

Pleasure exploded inside her. Her brain didn’t have time to fully register it before he was pulling out and slamming into her again, and again. She could barely catch her breath as he rode her.

Who needed to breathe anyway? This felt more important than air. And the sounds he was making… damn, they made her all tingly on the inside. Add to that what his c*ck was doing to her, and she knew she wasn’t going to last long.

It was supposed to be the male who lacked stamina, not the female. That was what all the Ladies of the Night said. Apparently, Cinderella was the exception. She wasn’t going to last as long as him. She could feel it. Her body began to tremble.

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders as he rested his forehead in the crook of her neck. Her body rocked with the force of his thrusts. The bed squeaked underneath them. His hands slipped under her body and he gripped her a**, holding her closer to him.

His movements became more frantic. His lips were everywhere. Her neck, then her chest, then her lips, then her neck again. It was beautiful chaos. And the symphony their bodies were creating was amazing.

Who knew skin slapping against skin could sound so erotic? She’d undervalued sex all these years. It wasn’t disgusting nor sticky and rarely worth the three minutes of discomfort. With the right person, it lasted way longer than three minutes.

And that stickiness felt good. Damn good. But she didn’t know how much longer she could hold out. Each thrust made the pressure build more and more. She was going to come. There was no stopping it.

Then he did something unexpected. He bit her. As in, sank his teeth into her neck. There was pain, but there was also pleasure. And that pleasure tipped her over the edge. She cried out.


I hope you enjoyed this sexy teaser from Cinderella And The Wolf Prince. Both books in my Siren Tale’s series are FREE w/Kindle Unlimited. Each book features a different fairy tale theme. These books do not have to be read in order.

Cinderella And The Wolf Prince is FREE w/Kindle Unlimited


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#CoverReveal Wicked Fantasies – Book 3 of the #FantasyDiary series.


Guess what’s coming this Halloween? Book 3 of the Fantasy Diary series. Wicked Fantasies will be available 10/31/2017. Today, I’m sharing the lovely cover with you.


A wicked couple is coming this Halloween!

If you like shy but feisty witches, you’re going to love Tinsley. If you like your bad boys a little damaged, but charming, you’re going to love Jackson. Together, these two make a wicked couple.

However, it’s her job to kill him and it’s his job to destroy the world as we know it.

Okay, so maybe they’ve got some issues to work through. You’ll find out whether or not they survive each other this Halloween.


Books 1 and 2 are available now.  They’re FREE with Kindle Unlimited!


But wait, there’s more….

If you like witches, you’re going to enjoy Cin and Wulf’s story. Cinderella and the Wolf Prince is available now!


Wulf St. Jamison is a cursed prince who’s finally found his princess. Or, at least, he thought he had. After spending one night in his masked female’s arms, he awakes to find her missing from his bed and from his life. No one seems to know who she is or where she came from. Was she real or just a creature his broken mind conjured up?

Cinderella Dupont only has two more months of servitude before she’s free to claim her inheritance and leave her hateful stepfamily behind. After playing the role of obedient daughter for so long, she craves one night of pleasure. She finds that in the arms of a handsome stranger, only to find out later that he’s the prince.
When he shows up at her door, she assumes he’s figured out that she’s the female behind the mask. That’s not the case. He’s there to hire her, the most powerful tracker witch in the land, to help him find his mate.

Unable to say no to the prince, she pretends to help him search for the female he claims he’s unable to let go. Working by his side, day after day, she finds herself falling for him and toying with the idea of telling him who she really is.

As dark forces descend upon them, will he forgive her for her deception? Or will her stepmother’s vile declarations turn him against her forever?

Especially since everything her stepmother says about her is true.





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Villains need love too! #Villains #OctoberFun


October belongs to the villains. All October, I’ll be sharing books that feature amazing villains. You know who I’m talking about – the bad guys/girls/creatures of the night who we love to hate. Or hate to love. Maybe both.

Authors, if you have a book that features an awesome villain, let’s celebrate them. Villains need love too. All genres welcome. Your villain can be a human, an alien, a mixture of both, it doesn’t matter.


The rules.
1. I need all of your material by October first. No later. The earlier the better.
2. Each author has to be willing to share the event landing page on social media and in their newsletter. This is mandatory. Cross promo is key.
3. No giveaway required, BUT, it would be nice. 🙂


Still interested? Great. This is what I need from you.

Please send me an email to with the following material…

1. Book cover. (You may also include 1 teaser/promo image.)
2. Book blurb.
3. A paragraph or three explaining why your villain is awesome or why he/she is the way they are.
4. Excerpt. Please choose one with your villain in it.
5. Buy links.
6. If you’d like to offer up a giveaway for the October event, please add the giveaway link/info also.

7.  Also include your author links so fans can stalk you.

P.S. Please send me an initial email to let me know you’re interested, so I can keep up with how many posts I’ll be preparing.

Let’s have fun with the bad guys/girls/creatures of the night!


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Fall in love with a Succubus. #LaborDaySale #SFRB #SuccubusNights


Happy Labor Day weekend!

It’s that time again. Time for the Sci-Fi Romance Brigade authors to showcase their work. This month, I’m showcasing my naughty Succubus Nights series. This series is on sale for this holiday weekend. (There are some other awesome books on sale this holiday weekend also. Be sure to check out the Labor Day Sale)

Today, I’m introducing you to the three heroines of the series. Say hello to Natina, Anika and Izzie.


In book 1, we meet Natina. She’s crash-landed on Earth. This isn’t the first time she’s wrecked a spacecraft. However, it is the worst wreck she’s ever had. Not only does her ship need fixing, so does she. Two handsome strangers are just what she needs to get better, so she can return home to let her brother know of a threat heading to their world. What’s supposed to be one earthly encounter turns into much more. Who knew the men of Earth could be so… delicious?


In book 2, we meet Natina’s best friend, Anika. Anika travels to Earth with Natina. But she’s not there looking to ‘hook up’. She’s an assassin looking for her target. A male who is called Death by his enemies. It’s her job to find him and kill him. Instead, she loses her heart to him. Who knew hunting down a target could lead to finding love?


In book 3, we meet Natina and Anika’s best friend, Izzie.
Sweet, naïve Izzie aka Izeria, has lived a sheltered life. She thinks her best friends have gotten stranded on Earth. Her overactive imagination comes up with all the worst case scenarios. Either they’ve been devoured by some huge Earth creature from an abyss or they’ve been taken by the planet’s leaders and are being experimented on.

Either way, she has to save them, right? In an attempt to do just that, she hires someone to take her from her homeworld to Earth. That plan backfires when she learns she’s not being taken to Earth, she’s being kidnapped. Her friends will have to save themselves, because she’s too busy trying to stay alive. Who knew being kidnapped by a beast could lead to finding the love of your life?


Now that you’ve met the ladies of the Succubus Nights series, enjoy this excerpt from book 3 – Claimed By The Succubus.


My beast is trying to take over.

Even now, as I escort Izeria to the dining hall, he’s pushing against the barrier that separates drahken from dragon. He’s clawing at the barricade that keeps him inside. Moments ago, he came close to breaking free.

Not only did I hear his growl, so did Izeria. She assumed it was my stomach growling in hunger. Luckily, she’s too naïve to think the worst of me. She senses something is wrong, yet, she doesn’t want to believe me capable of deceiving her, of hurting her.

I should feel guilty for what I’m doing. I don’t. I can’t. Too much is riding on me getting her to my territory. My beast snorts his displeasure, unhappy with our current mission. It’s funny how he can kill viciously, yet he frowns upon lying to our half-breed princess.

I can feel him pacing the recesses of my mind. In this form, he cannot speak to me. Right now, that’s a good thing. I don’t want to hear his thoughts on what is happening. He knew what we’d have to do when we found her.

He knew we’d have to lie or maybe even kidnap her to achieve our goal. His feelings for her can’t change that. Nothing can change what has to be done. The lives of our people are more important than Izeria’s opinion of us.

When we arrive in the dining hall, I step to the side so she and her rodent can enter the room before me. I’m glad I did. The look on her face as she walks into the dining hall is priceless. It’s almost like she’s never been on a spacecraft before.

“This is the biggest dining hall I’ve ever been in. Not only on a ship, but on land also.”

She turns to me and smiles. For a moment, I forget how to breathe. I sense my beast’s pleasure, or is that my own? The line between what I want and what he wants is starting to blur.


The Labor Day sale runs from 9/1-9/4
Book 1 is Free. Book 2 & Book 3 are only 0.99 cents. They are also FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Click here to view the other awesome authors participating in Sci-Fi Showcase!


Before I finish up, I want to say that the proceeds from my Labor Day sale will be donated to the Salvation Army to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. (

I have siblings and nieces and nephews in San Antonio, Houston and Beaumont TX. Please keep them and everyone affected by the storm in your thoughts and prayers.

Until next time, be safe and always read past your bedtime.