Kitty Chronicles

The Kitty Chronicles Will Make You Purr!

The Kitty Chronicles are here and they’re guaranteed to make you purr. Purchase all seven from participating authors for a sizzling summer read!
The Healing Kitty, The Enlightened Kitty, The Joyful Kitty, The Lucky Kitty, The Money Kitty, The Creative Kitty and The Mad Kitty.

The Creative Kittyfinal

The Creative Kitty by Siren Allen.


The Money Kitty by Kassanna.

The Joyful Kitty by Michel Prince.

The Enlightened Kitty by Dahlia Rose

The Mad Kitty by V. Vee


The Healing Kitty by Heather Rae.


The Lucky Kitty by Shara Azod.

Collect all seven naughty novellas this summer.
Your kitty will thank you!

tck giveaway 1200

But wait, there’s more. Be sure to enter the Kitty Chronicles Giveaway for a chance to win some awesome prizes.

Giveaway link: 

Check out the items you could win.

  1. A Team Nasty Tote.
  2. An ILFY key chain.
  3. A pink kitty key chain.
  4. Five stone pendants. (Goes to five separate winners!)

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