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New Release: The Creative Kitty. #AMBW


The Creative Kitty is available now! Grab your copy today. This naughty novella will make you purr.

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All it took was one stroke to spark her creativity.
Career wise, Willow Thompson has been struggling for a while now. However, after an unplanned girls’ night out and a surprising purchase, things begin to look up for her. Not only in her work life, but also in her personal life. Rejuvenated, she’s feeling brave enough to stand up to her new boss and ex best friend, Kang. However, standing up to him is the easy part.
Falling for him is what’s going to get her into trouble.

He thought he was over her. He was wrong.
Kang Kyung-Jun has only been in love once in his entire life. The person he fell for is his former best friend, Willow. Her rejection shaped him into the cold calculating businessman he is today. When the opportunity arises for him to be the new general manager of the company she works for, Kang jumps at the chance to be the boss of the woman who crushed his heart. However, his plan starts to backfire once he’s in her presence again. The longer he’s around her, the more the icebox he calls a heart begins to thaw.

Now that he has her in his life again, will he fight to keep her close to him?
Or will he reject her, the same way she rejected him?

Get ready to purr with Kang and Willow.
This is one book in The Kitty Chronicles. Purchase all seven from participating authors for a sizzling summer read!
The Healing Kitty, The Enlightened Kitty, The Joyful Kitty, The Lucky Kitty, The Money Kitty, The Creative Kitty and The Mad Kitty.


She pulled open the bedroom door. Her mouth dropped open. Abs for days. Let’s count them. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. And there goes the towel. And there goes the dick print. Her mouth immediately went dry.


Her gaze snapped to his. “Uh, huh?” It was still big. Just like it was in college. It hadn’t shrunk. Wait, could dicks do that? Probably.

“What channel is the weather channel?” He asked.

If she could see the shape of his dick, that meant he was on hard. Why was he on hard? Was he just going to leave it like? Wouldn’t it start to hurt if he didn’t do something about it? Her gaze dropped lower. Yep, it seemed to be on hard. He needed to take care of that. ASAP.

“Hey.” Kang snapped his fingers in her face.

“Oh. Uh. Hey. What do you need?”

“My face is up here. What were you just staring at?”

“Huh?” Willow scratched her head. “Nothing. I can’t even see that good. I don’t have my contacts in.”

“It looked like you were staring at my…”

“I was not staring at your dick,” Willow blurted out.

“Towel. I was about to say, it looked like you were staring at my towel.”

Where was an earthquake when you needed one? Right now, she wanted the earth to open up and swallow her whole. Embarrassed, she tried to laugh the matter off. Chuckling, she punched his shoulder.

“That’s what I said. Towel.”

“You said dick.”

“What dick? I don’t see any dicks.”

He gripped the edge of his towel.

“Whoa. Stop. Don’t you dare.”

He gifted her with a devilish grin. “I thought you said you wanted to see a dick.”

“I dick not. I mean, I did not.” Damn it, now she was flustered.




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