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New Year’s Resolutions With Vlad.

Happy Friday evening and welcome to another edition of Siren Chat. This month, we’re focusing on New Year’s Resolutions. I’m interviewing characters from my books to find out what their resolutions are. Today, we have Vlad joining us. But, before we get to him, I will share another one of my resolutions with you. My final resolution involves you all, my readers.

This year, I want to connect more with my readers. So, I’ll be doing book chats in my Siren’s World group on Facebook. You’ll see me being more active on social media. A few readers have asked me to do some live chats. So, I’ll be doing those also. I’m an introvert and this is forcing me out of my comfort zone. But, for you all, I’m willing to do it. But be warned, though I have a mean resting b*tch face, I am goofy and slightly weird. And I’ll be coming through with all that goofy weirdness. I’m not holding any of it back. #TeamWeird Lol.

Now, for what you all came here for. Let’s chat with Vlad.

Warning: I am not responsible for what he says or does.

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t read the Going Nowhere Fast series and the Dangerously Curvy Series, you may not want to read this interview.

Siren: Hi, Vlad. Thank you for joining me for an interview.

Vlad: If I didn’t ask to be on the show, you wouldn’t have invited me, would you?

Siren: Huh? Of course, I would’ve. But, I know you’ve got a lot going on. I mean, I’m surprised you haven’t gone crazy with all the stuff going on in your life.

Vlad: I’ve been through worse.

Siren: Really? I mean, you’re a Soldier again, when you said you’d never go back to that life. Your adopted sister is missing. Rumor has it she was kidnapped by your biological brothers. You have to deal with Dean and Garrett…

Vlad: Are you done?

Siren: I’m just saying… I didn’t think you had time to do an interview.

Vlad: I don’t. But I made time.

Siren: Aww, for me?

Vlad: For myself.

Siren: Rolls eyes. Since you’re here, let’s chat about your New Year’s Resolutions. List three of them for the readers.

Vlad: I don’t have any resolutions.

Siren: Then why are you here?

Vlad: I want to talk about my sister. If you know anything about where she is, I…

Siren: I don’t.

Vlad: Siren!



Siren: Okay. I may have heard a rumor that she’s in a land far, far away.

Vlad: What the hell does that mean?

Siren: I don’t know. I’m just telling you what I heard.

Vlad: A land far, far away? That doesn’t help me at all.

Siren: I’ll keep my ear to the streets. If I hear anything, I’ll let you know. But, uh, I did hear something about you.

Vlad: What?

Siren: Come closer.

Vlad: No.

Siren: Ugh. Do you ever let your guard down?

Vlad: Just tell me what you heard.

Siren: Rude! I heard, the deal you made with the Leader….

Vlad: I won’t discuss that.

Siren: You don’t have to discuss it. Just tell me if it’s true. Did you really agree to…

Vlad: I’m done here.

Siren: Okay. Okay. I won’t talk about it. I’ll say this one thing then shut up about it. If it’s true, if you really made that kind of deal, I understand. I come from a very close knit family. If one of my sisters went missing, I’d probably make a deal like that to get her back also.



Vlad: Sighs. I only made that deal to buy me some time. That time is running out. 

Siren: What happens when time runs out?

Vlad: Chaos and carnage.

Siren: But, the Leader…

Vlad: Enough about that. I’m ready to list my resolutions now.

Siren: Okay. We’ll chat about it again later.

Vlad: We won’t.

Siren: We probably will.

Vlad: Siren! 

Siren: Okay, okay. You’re so cranky. Wait! I know what you need! When was the last time you had sex?

Vlad: What?

Siren: You probably need a nut.

Vlad: Siren!

Siren: I’m pretty sure you need a nut.

Vlad: I’m done.

Siren: Okay. Okay. Don’t leave. I had no idea you were so shy.

Vlad: I’m not shy. I just don’t want to talk about that.

Siren: Just tell me how long it’s been.

Vlad: I’m really done now.

Siren: I’m sorry. Please, stay. I’ll stop talking about sex. Look, my readers love you. They’re eager to know what your resolutions are.

Vlad: Appears deep in thought.

Siren: You really did not come here to share your resolutions, did you?

Vlad: I told you I didn’t. I wanted info on my sister.

Siren: It’s not polite to lie just to get info.

Vlad: I could’ve used torture instead.

Siren: We all lie sometimes.

Vlad: Smiles.

Siren: You’re really handsome when you smile.

Vlad: I know.

Siren: Cocky much?

Vlad: Very.

Siren: Just list your resolutions.

Vlad: My first one is, I must find my sister before anyone else does.

Siren: That’s a given.

Vlad: What do you mean?

Siren: That’s not really a resolution. We already know that you’re looking for Chels.

Vlad: Okay. I must kill the person responsible for Chel’s disappearance.

Siren: That’s not really a resolution either.

Vlad: What the hell is a resolution?

Siren: For instance, I want to lose weight.

Vlad: Why?

Siren: To be healthier.

Vlad: I want to find my sister. Why is yours a resolution and mine isn’t? 

Siren: I guess what I’m looking for are things like, stop drinking, stop smoking, stop killing, stop…

Vlad: I don’t want a resolution.

Siren: Okay. Finding your sister can be your resolution. List two more.

Vlad: Kill the people responsible for taking her.

Siren: Your brothers?

Vlad: They took her, but they’re not responsible for the situation we’re in now. Someone else is behind this.

Siren: Okay. What’s your third resolution?

Vlad: That deal you spoke of earlier, the time on that deal is expiring. If it expires before I find my sister, I may have to do some things I said I’d never do again. I may have to become a person I never wanted to be. If that happens, I hope those around me will forgive me for what I’ll have to do.

Siren: Will you have to betray those close to you?

Vlad: Shakes his head. But, I’ll no longer be a person they’ll want around them or their families.

Siren: What does that even mean?

Vlad: You’ll see.

Siren: Please don’t leave the group like Scar did.

Vlad: You think I’m referring to Dean and Garrett when I talk about my people?

Siren: Yeah.

Vlad: F*ck them. If I could, I’d put a bullet in them both. My life would be much easier if they weren’t around. If it wasn’t for this damn deal, I wouldn’t be putting up with their sh*t.

Siren: Oh, wow. That escalated fast.

Vlad: Don’t get me wrong. They’re not horrible people. Not all the time. And sometimes, I don’t mind working with them. But they are a necessary evil. I’m forced into working with them. They are not my people.

Siren: You’re right. I guess I just got used to you being with them. I guess I forgot that you’ve got your own team, your own people. If Scar had his own people, maybe I wouldn’t be so worried about him.

Vlad: Speaking of Scar, he’s a good person. He’s a great fighter. He’s loyal. I’d welcome him on my team any day. He’s loyal as hell to Garrett. I hate what happened to him. Garrett was wrong for what he did.

Siren: Thank you! Finally, someone who agrees with me.

Vlad: But….

Siren: Uh oh.

Vlad. Hear me out. What you see, isn’t the entire picture.

Siren: Huh?

Vlad: There’s more to it than what you know.

Siren: Would you like to share it with us?

Vlad: It’s not my business to share.

Siren: But…

Vlad: Let it play out. You’ll see.

Siren: I know. But…

Vlad: I’ve listed my three resolutions. I’ve told you what I think about the Scar situation. I think my time here is up.

Siren: I guess. Next month, I’ll be interviewing people again. The topic is, Describe Your Perfect Date Night. Would you like to be interviewed?

Vlad: I don’t date.

Siren: I understand. But, you have to have an idea of what your perfect date would be like.

Vlad: If she doesn’t try to kill me, that would be a perfect date night.

Siren: You have pretty low standards, Vlad.

Vlad: No. It’s just all the women I know are violent.

Siren: There are some ladies in my readers’ group I can hook you up with.

Vlad: No, thank you. I don’t have time for that.

Siren: Oh, before you leave, readers have been asking me about Oni’s pet, Shuri. Have you seen her? She’s a cute black cat.

Vlad: Last time I saw that cat, she was in Liam’s shed, playing with discarded pieces of a bomb.

Siren: Oh, no, poor Shuri.

Vlad: She seemed happy to me. And they don’t call her Shuri. They call her Killa. Someone even made her a little bullet proof vest. It looks ridiculous on her. I’ve got to go now. Bye, Siren.

Siren: Bye. *Watches him walk away. He stops at the door and turns around.*

Vlad: One more thing, Siren. About that nut. You’re probably right. I do need one.

Siren: Bursts out laughing. I knew it! You need to release some of that stress. I know some girls….

Vlad: I’m gone.

And there you have it, ladies! So, who wants to help Vlad release a little stress? Don’t blame me if you’re not able to walk right afterwards. That’s on you. Lol. I hope you enjoyed this month’s interviews with my characters. Next month, we’ll be chatting with some characters about their idea of the perfect date night. I’ll be interviewing Scar. I heard he’s got a new lady love. I can’t wait for you guys to meet her. That’s all for this month, ladies. Until next time, stay safe and always read past your bedtime. Smooches!

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6 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions With Vlad.”

  1. See First of All Siren(in my Whitney Houston voice)…we all know who Vlad belongs to! There will be no other ladies taking care of his needs; but ME!! I already see my inner Kathy Bates coming out! You don’t won’t none! Now..back to the scheduled program. Sugar and spice and everything nice. Hope you feel better.

  2. Hey now Siren that’s what I’m talking bout and you right Vlad need to be balls deep in something. I always thought he was bound a little too tight, but I also knew that he was the most DANGEROUS AND GANGSTA OF ALL!!!!! Like I said before I love those MURDERY types LMFAO. Glad you’re well girly. #TEAMWEIRD #SPIESINDISGUISE

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