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1. How often will I update and will your book be available in eBook format soon?

I’ll update it twice a week on Vella. Wednesdays and Saturdays. As for eBook format, I don’t know. The story will be on Vella for at least the rest of this year, since this is a new venture I want to try out. Next year, I may move the book to other sites. Or, I may make it available on my website only. Either way, I’ll keep you updated as I go. You’re on this journey with me and I want you to understand every step of the process. Reading one episode at a time is not for everyone. So, if you’re a die-hard fan of mine and this isn’t your thing, trust me, I understand. I still love you and we still besties for life!!!

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I’d LOVE for you to crown my story! Thanks for asking. Lol. You, unfortunately, CAN NOT crown a story UNTIL you purchase tokens. (I recommend purchasing the 1.99-200 token pack along with the 200 free tokens)

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7. What is Vella?

It’s a new platform that allows readers to read books episode by episode. Think of it as a Netflix for books.

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I recommend using the browser. So far, I’ve accessed it on my phone, Kindle, and laptop. My book link is listed below. Check it out and browse some of the other fantastic books.

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Mental health awareness with Scar and Exa.

Hello and welcome to Siren Chat! Today, I finally get to talk to Exa and Scar. For those of you who don’t know Scar and Exa, they are the main characters from Scar’s Obsession, book 4 of my Dangerously Curvy series. For those who do know them, this is the interview many of you have been pushing me to have. Today, Scar and Exa finally found time to sit down with me. I’ve already been warned not to get too personal. Exa and Scar both threatened me with bodily harm. LMAO. Okay… enough chatting. Readers, I present to you, Scar and Exa!

*Round of applause, please.*

Siren: Hi, Scar and Exa! I’m so excited to have you both with me today.

Exa: We’re excited too! So excited that we even wore our matching bulletproof vests.

Siren: Aren’t all the vests black?

Exa: Nope. Liam and Seven made these new ones for us. Mine is off black and says HIS on the back. Scar’s is jet black and says HERS on the back.

Siren: Oh… Uh… so you got matching bulletproof vests. How romantic!

Exa: I know, right!

Siren: Let’s get started, guys. For today’s interview, I went back and forth about what I wanted to chat with you two about. I ended up going with mental health awareness, since May is Mental Health Awareness month. Are you two comfortable talking about your mental health?

Exa: I am. Scar, are you okay with it?

Scar: I’m okay with it.

Siren: Great. There’s a lot to discuss when it comes to mental health. It would take hundreds of interviews to cover it all. I’ve decided to talk about protecting your mental health.

Exa: Oooh, I like that, Siren. That’s very important. What made you choose that topic?

Siren: It’s something I’ve neglected in the past. And the thing is, I didn’t even know I was neglecting it.

Exa: Say that again for the people in the back.

Siren: Which part?

Exa: The part where you said you didn’t know you were neglecting it. I felt that in my soul.

Siren: Oh, yeah, I didn’t even know I was neglecting to protect my mental health. No one ever talked to me about it. I didn’t even know it was a thing. Now that I think about it, I feel silly for not knowing. While neglecting my own mental health, I was doing everything to protect others’ mental health. For instance, when certain people would ask me for something, or to do something, even if I didn’t want to do it, even if I was too tired to do it, I still did it. Why? Because I didn’t want them to be stressed out or I didn’t want them to have to worry. Yet, their issues that I took on was stressing me out and causing me to worry. It wasn’t until I put down everyone else’s burdens that I realized how much baggage I’d been carrying that wasn’t even mine. I’d picked it up along the way. Or, I’d offered to carry it until the next stop. But, people got used to me carrying it, so they simply left it with me. I got so used to holding that weight, that I didn’t even notice it was weighing me down. It wasn’t until I was almost drowning that I realized their baggage was causing me to sink.

Exa: Girl, you just said it all right there. Yasss! What did you do to protect your mental health?

Siren: I had to let go of that baggage. Getting rid of it caused me to lose some people close to me. However, it also allowed me to see that some people were just using me. The moment I was no longer carrying their burdens, they disappeared. But, I’m okay with that. Mentally, I’m in a good place because they left.

Exa: I’m glad you let that dead weight go. I’ve been there, done that.

Siren: I think most of us have. Which is why I’d like for you two to share with the readers how you protect your mental health. They read about you in these books and see how bad a** you are. But that doesn’t mean you don’t struggle sometimes. Who wants to talk about it first?

Exa: I’ll go first.

Siren: Okay, Exa. How do you protect your mental health?

Exa: I end those who cause me stress.

Siren: Huh?

Exa: I end them. Kill them. Dead.

Siren: Um… you mean, you break ties with them?

Exa shakes her head.

Exa: No. I mean what I said. I end them. And that seems to solve the problem every time.

Siren: Um, let’s talk about the situations where you can’t end a person.

Exa: There’s never a situation where I can’t…

Siren: Exa, this is an interview. Don’t reveal too much about your life, okay?

Exa: Ohhh. My bad. I forgot.

Siren: That’s okay. Let’s try this again. Exa, how do you protect your mental health in this stressful world?

Exa: Well, I don’t kill people. *Exa winks.*

Siren: Of course, you don’t.

Exa: I try to focus on the positive. I try not to let the bad thoughts in and I…

Siren: Honest answers, please.

Exa: So, you want the nitty gritty?

Siren: Yes. How do you protect your mental? Without, uh, ending people.

Exa: Okay, I’ll tell you. I don’t. The truth is, I suck at protecting myself. I’m able to protect others. But, when it comes to me, I always put me last. It’s a bad habit I’m trying to let go of. Most people think I’m strong and unbothered simply because I’ve embraced my curves and don’t give a damn about social norms when it comes to weight. They fail to realize that I truly love me. I love my size. I love my curves. I’m very active. I eat right…. sometimes. But, I’m healthy. My heart is healthy. Yeah, I’m curvier and plumper than most. That doesn’t mean I’m upset or disturbed by it. What gets me down is seeing others suffer. I have a habit of taking on their pain. Not on purpose. It just happens. Even when they’re not worrying, I worry about them. My job is to save people. But, sometimes I fail. And that failure eats away at me until I feel like I’m going to go crazy. I try not to think about it. That’s how I used to try to protect my mental. I used to shove all those dark thoughts down and hope they never escaped. That no longer works. Now, I embrace those thoughts. I tell myself I’m only human. I can’t save every one. I no longer punish myself for not being perfect. No one is. I don’t let the thoughts and judgements of others make me feel pressured. However, like I said, I’m only human. Even when I don’t want to let others’ thoughts and judgements get to me, sometimes they do. When that happens, I allow myself to have a pity party. I cry. I let it out. I cry until I get a headache. I scream at the wall until my throat is sore. I let the anger out. I no longer hold it in. And then, I wipe my face and I take a nap. Before I go to sleep, I tell myself it’s going to be okay. I’m alive. I’m healthy. I have my squad. I have the man of my dreams. I remind myself, that though my life isn’t perfect, it’s full, it’s happy, it’s beautiful. Basically, protecting my mental involves allowing myself to be weak at times and not feeling guilty about it. Crying doesn’t make me weak. It took me a long time to realize that. It’s okay to cry. Just don’t let the tears last longer than the smiles do.

Siren: I LOVE it, Exa. I’m glad you’ve found a way to protect yourself. Scar, your turn. How do you protect your mental health?

Scar: I used to think talking about my thoughts and feelings made me weak. The first step for me was realizing that talking about how I feel doesn’t make me weak, it makes me strong. I no longer hold everything in. I no longer hold on to things that tear me down. I’ve learn to let go of any and everything that makes me feel bad. My protecting my mental health means loving some people from a distance. No matter how close you are to someone, sometimes you will need space from them. No matter how much you care about someone, sometimes, you have to let them shoulder their own burdens. No matter how much you love someone, sometimes, you have to put yourself first. I try not to feel guilty for telling others no. When I started doing that, my life became better. I mean, I still deal with F’d up stuff, but my mind is clearer. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I’m living my life and not simply existing. I guess you could call that protecting my mental. Right?

*Smiling* Siren: Right! That’s definitely protecting your mental. I’m glad you realized that you don’t have to carry everyone’s baggage, Scar. You used to look stressed out all the time. You look healthier now. More carefree.

Scar: I’ve got my woman to thank for that. Before I met her, I was always self conscious about my scar. If someone stared at me too long, I got offended. If they said something about it, it made me want to kill them…

Exa: With kindness. Kill them with kindness. Remember, this is an interview, Savage.

Scar: Right. I wanted to kill them… with kindness. I no longer feel that way. When people stare, I think to myself, that’s their business, not mine. If they don’t like how I look, that’s their problem, not mine. I don’t hide under hoodies any more. I have no reason to hide my scar. It’s part of me. Always will be.

Exa: He even smiles when I kiss it. Don’t you, Savage?

Siren: Scar, are you blushing?

Scar: No. It’s hot in here. Is the AC on?

Siren: I’m not hot.

Exa: Neither am I. You’re blushing, Savage.

Scar: Men don’t blush. Let’s get back to the subject. Like I said, I no longer hide my scar. I no longer carry others’ baggage. I still have F’d up thoughts sometimes, but it’s nothing like it used to be. I’m in a better headspace now. And that’s how I protect my mental.

Siren: Awesome. Thank you two for sharing with us how you stay healthy mentally. I have to bring you guys back on Siren Chat to talk about your love life one day. Before you go, do you have any love tips for the readers?

Exa: I have one. No matter how big the D is, you still have to suck it. So, practice jaw exercises.

Siren: Wow. Okay. What about you, Scar? Any romance tips?

Scar: I have one. Protect your love. Don’t let anyone come between it. Don’t let anyone tear it down. Don’t let anyone shake your foundation. For a long time I was mad at Garrett because he didn’t trust me. I’ve come to realize, he was trying to protect his love. Yeah, he went about it wrong. But, I’m no longer mad at him, because I get it now. I’ll do anything for Exa. I’ll destroy anyone who is a threat to Exa. I’ll destroy anyone who gets too close to Exa. What Garrett and I both have to learn is that we can’t let our emotions make us crazy. We have to protect our mental health while protecting the women we love. We’re so accustomed to fighting for what we want, what we love, that we believe we have to do the same thing when it comes to the women we love. Being with Exa is helping me realize I don’t have to fight for her love. I’ve already got it. I’ve just got to protect it without losing myself in the process. That’s what I’m working on now. Learning to protect my love without losing myself.

Siren: Awww. I love it! I love that you and Garrett are back on good terms. I love that you’re both working on your mental health. And I love that you both have women who love you unconditionally, flaws and all. Thanks, Scar and Exa, for joining me today to discuss mental health. I appreciate it.

Scar & Exa: You’re welcome.

Siren: Readers, if you haven’t read Scar and Exa’s story yet, it’s available on Amazon and FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Binge read the entire series this weekend.

Click HERE to view the Dangerously Curvy Series on Amazon!

Before we go, I have a question for you, readers. What are you doing to protect your mental health? I’d love to hear about it. Leave me a comment and let me know. Always remember to take time out for yourself each day. To-do lists never end. As soon as you finish one, you start another. Those chores aren’t going anywhere. Some of those important tasks can wait a few more minutes. Take time out for yourself each day. Protect your mental health.

Until next time, be safe and always read past your bedtime!

P.S. Don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know what actions you’re taking to protect your mental health. Or, let me know what actions you plan to start taking to protect your mental health.

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The Perfect Date Night with Tahlia and Justin.

Happy February!

Welcome to the month of love. Not only is Valentine’s Day coming up, but this is Black History month! This month, my characters will be describing their idea of the perfect date night. Feel free to leave a comment on the post telling me about your perfect date night or your plans for Valentine’s Day.

Let’s get to the interview. Enjoy!

Siren: His Justin and Tahlia. Thank you guys for chatting with me today.

Tahlia: No problem, Siren. We’re excited to be here. Right, Justin?

Justin: Yeah. Excited!

Tahlia: Don’t mind him. He’s excited. He’s just not capable of showing it. They don’t call him the Ice Prince for nothing.

Siren: That’s right. He is called the Ice Prince. Now I’m curious to know what the Ice Prince considers the perfect date night.

Justin: I’ll let Tahlia go first.

Tahlia: Okay. I’ll go first. For my perfect date night, there has to be wine and chocolate. That’s a must.

Siren: Of course!

Tahlia: We don’t have to go out. But, if we did go out, I’d want to go somewhere that wasn’t crowded. I’d like an intimate setting. Dim lights, low music playing in the background. For dinner, I’d like seafood. I love seafood. At the end of the night, maybe we can take a walk around the park. You know, to help digest the food we’d just ate. After that, we can go home and maybe have another glass of wine. You can never have too much wine.

Siren: Never!

Tahlia: Then we’d take a bubble bath. After we get out of the tub, we’d dry each other off and then lotion each other down. And, uh, after all of that touching, we’d see where the mood takes us from there.

Siren: That’s sound great. Um, are you blushing?

Tahlia: Me? No.

Siren: *Laughing* I think you are blushing. Me thinks there’s more to your idea of the perfect date night, but you’re not sharing it with us.

Tahlia: Nope. That’s it. Dry off then go to bed. Your turn, Justin.

Siren: Keep your secrets then, Tahlia. *Winks at her.* Okay, Justin, you’re up. Let the readers know your idea of the perfect date night.

Justin: Everything Tahlia said is perfect. If she wants that, I’ll give it to her. But, I don’t need any of that.

Siren: Oh, okay. What do you need for your date night to be perfect?

Justin: *Stares intently at Tahlia.* All I need is her. I don’t need any wine. I don’t need food. And when it comes to chocolate, I don’t need that either. Because there’s nothing sweeter than her.

Siren quietly fans herself. Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? Even Tahlia is looking a little flushed. And the way he’s looking at her… oh my! I think they may need some time alone.

Justin: Tahlia’s bubble bath idea sounds good. But there’s other ways to get wet. Ways that don’t involve water at all.

Siren: What do they involve?

Justin: My fingers. My tongue. My…

Tahlia: Okay! Thanks for having us Siren. Justin and I…. we need to go on a date. Right now!

Siren: Right now?

Tahlia: Yep. We’re leaving.

Siren: But…. *Watches them rush from the room.*

Well, I guess that’s the end of that interview. With the way they ran up out of here, they’ve probably already made it home and Tahlia is probably already getting wet…. No water needed. I hope you enjoyed this short interview with the characters from, Just In Time For Love. If you want to know more about them, check out their novella on Amazon.

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New Year’s Resolutions With Vlad.

Happy Friday evening and welcome to another edition of Siren Chat. This month, we’re focusing on New Year’s Resolutions. I’m interviewing characters from my books to find out what their resolutions are. Today, we have Vlad joining us. But, before we get to him, I will share another one of my resolutions with you. My final resolution involves you all, my readers.

This year, I want to connect more with my readers. So, I’ll be doing book chats in my Siren’s World group on Facebook. You’ll see me being more active on social media. A few readers have asked me to do some live chats. So, I’ll be doing those also. I’m an introvert and this is forcing me out of my comfort zone. But, for you all, I’m willing to do it. But be warned, though I have a mean resting b*tch face, I am goofy and slightly weird. And I’ll be coming through with all that goofy weirdness. I’m not holding any of it back. #TeamWeird Lol.

Now, for what you all came here for. Let’s chat with Vlad.

Warning: I am not responsible for what he says or does.

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t read the Going Nowhere Fast series and the Dangerously Curvy Series, you may not want to read this interview.

Siren: Hi, Vlad. Thank you for joining me for an interview.

Vlad: If I didn’t ask to be on the show, you wouldn’t have invited me, would you?

Siren: Huh? Of course, I would’ve. But, I know you’ve got a lot going on. I mean, I’m surprised you haven’t gone crazy with all the stuff going on in your life.

Vlad: I’ve been through worse.

Siren: Really? I mean, you’re a Soldier again, when you said you’d never go back to that life. Your adopted sister is missing. Rumor has it she was kidnapped by your biological brothers. You have to deal with Dean and Garrett…

Vlad: Are you done?

Siren: I’m just saying… I didn’t think you had time to do an interview.

Vlad: I don’t. But I made time.

Siren: Aww, for me?

Vlad: For myself.

Siren: Rolls eyes. Since you’re here, let’s chat about your New Year’s Resolutions. List three of them for the readers.

Vlad: I don’t have any resolutions.

Siren: Then why are you here?

Vlad: I want to talk about my sister. If you know anything about where she is, I…

Siren: I don’t.

Vlad: Siren!



Siren: Okay. I may have heard a rumor that she’s in a land far, far away.

Vlad: What the hell does that mean?

Siren: I don’t know. I’m just telling you what I heard.

Vlad: A land far, far away? That doesn’t help me at all.

Siren: I’ll keep my ear to the streets. If I hear anything, I’ll let you know. But, uh, I did hear something about you.

Vlad: What?

Siren: Come closer.

Vlad: No.

Siren: Ugh. Do you ever let your guard down?

Vlad: Just tell me what you heard.

Siren: Rude! I heard, the deal you made with the Leader….

Vlad: I won’t discuss that.

Siren: You don’t have to discuss it. Just tell me if it’s true. Did you really agree to…

Vlad: I’m done here.

Siren: Okay. Okay. I won’t talk about it. I’ll say this one thing then shut up about it. If it’s true, if you really made that kind of deal, I understand. I come from a very close knit family. If one of my sisters went missing, I’d probably make a deal like that to get her back also.



Vlad: Sighs. I only made that deal to buy me some time. That time is running out. 

Siren: What happens when time runs out?

Vlad: Chaos and carnage.

Siren: But, the Leader…

Vlad: Enough about that. I’m ready to list my resolutions now.

Siren: Okay. We’ll chat about it again later.

Vlad: We won’t.

Siren: We probably will.

Vlad: Siren! 

Siren: Okay, okay. You’re so cranky. Wait! I know what you need! When was the last time you had sex?

Vlad: What?

Siren: You probably need a nut.

Vlad: Siren!

Siren: I’m pretty sure you need a nut.

Vlad: I’m done.

Siren: Okay. Okay. Don’t leave. I had no idea you were so shy.

Vlad: I’m not shy. I just don’t want to talk about that.

Siren: Just tell me how long it’s been.

Vlad: I’m really done now.

Siren: I’m sorry. Please, stay. I’ll stop talking about sex. Look, my readers love you. They’re eager to know what your resolutions are.

Vlad: Appears deep in thought.

Siren: You really did not come here to share your resolutions, did you?

Vlad: I told you I didn’t. I wanted info on my sister.

Siren: It’s not polite to lie just to get info.

Vlad: I could’ve used torture instead.

Siren: We all lie sometimes.

Vlad: Smiles.

Siren: You’re really handsome when you smile.

Vlad: I know.

Siren: Cocky much?

Vlad: Very.

Siren: Just list your resolutions.

Vlad: My first one is, I must find my sister before anyone else does.

Siren: That’s a given.

Vlad: What do you mean?

Siren: That’s not really a resolution. We already know that you’re looking for Chels.

Vlad: Okay. I must kill the person responsible for Chel’s disappearance.

Siren: That’s not really a resolution either.

Vlad: What the hell is a resolution?

Siren: For instance, I want to lose weight.

Vlad: Why?

Siren: To be healthier.

Vlad: I want to find my sister. Why is yours a resolution and mine isn’t? 

Siren: I guess what I’m looking for are things like, stop drinking, stop smoking, stop killing, stop…

Vlad: I don’t want a resolution.

Siren: Okay. Finding your sister can be your resolution. List two more.

Vlad: Kill the people responsible for taking her.

Siren: Your brothers?

Vlad: They took her, but they’re not responsible for the situation we’re in now. Someone else is behind this.

Siren: Okay. What’s your third resolution?

Vlad: That deal you spoke of earlier, the time on that deal is expiring. If it expires before I find my sister, I may have to do some things I said I’d never do again. I may have to become a person I never wanted to be. If that happens, I hope those around me will forgive me for what I’ll have to do.

Siren: Will you have to betray those close to you?

Vlad: Shakes his head. But, I’ll no longer be a person they’ll want around them or their families.

Siren: What does that even mean?

Vlad: You’ll see.

Siren: Please don’t leave the group like Scar did.

Vlad: You think I’m referring to Dean and Garrett when I talk about my people?

Siren: Yeah.

Vlad: F*ck them. If I could, I’d put a bullet in them both. My life would be much easier if they weren’t around. If it wasn’t for this damn deal, I wouldn’t be putting up with their sh*t.

Siren: Oh, wow. That escalated fast.

Vlad: Don’t get me wrong. They’re not horrible people. Not all the time. And sometimes, I don’t mind working with them. But they are a necessary evil. I’m forced into working with them. They are not my people.

Siren: You’re right. I guess I just got used to you being with them. I guess I forgot that you’ve got your own team, your own people. If Scar had his own people, maybe I wouldn’t be so worried about him.

Vlad: Speaking of Scar, he’s a good person. He’s a great fighter. He’s loyal. I’d welcome him on my team any day. He’s loyal as hell to Garrett. I hate what happened to him. Garrett was wrong for what he did.

Siren: Thank you! Finally, someone who agrees with me.

Vlad: But….

Siren: Uh oh.

Vlad. Hear me out. What you see, isn’t the entire picture.

Siren: Huh?

Vlad: There’s more to it than what you know.

Siren: Would you like to share it with us?

Vlad: It’s not my business to share.

Siren: But…

Vlad: Let it play out. You’ll see.

Siren: I know. But…

Vlad: I’ve listed my three resolutions. I’ve told you what I think about the Scar situation. I think my time here is up.

Siren: I guess. Next month, I’ll be interviewing people again. The topic is, Describe Your Perfect Date Night. Would you like to be interviewed?

Vlad: I don’t date.

Siren: I understand. But, you have to have an idea of what your perfect date would be like.

Vlad: If she doesn’t try to kill me, that would be a perfect date night.

Siren: You have pretty low standards, Vlad.

Vlad: No. It’s just all the women I know are violent.

Siren: There are some ladies in my readers’ group I can hook you up with.

Vlad: No, thank you. I don’t have time for that.

Siren: Oh, before you leave, readers have been asking me about Oni’s pet, Shuri. Have you seen her? She’s a cute black cat.

Vlad: Last time I saw that cat, she was in Liam’s shed, playing with discarded pieces of a bomb.

Siren: Oh, no, poor Shuri.

Vlad: She seemed happy to me. And they don’t call her Shuri. They call her Killa. Someone even made her a little bullet proof vest. It looks ridiculous on her. I’ve got to go now. Bye, Siren.

Siren: Bye. *Watches him walk away. He stops at the door and turns around.*

Vlad: One more thing, Siren. About that nut. You’re probably right. I do need one.

Siren: Bursts out laughing. I knew it! You need to release some of that stress. I know some girls….

Vlad: I’m gone.

And there you have it, ladies! So, who wants to help Vlad release a little stress? Don’t blame me if you’re not able to walk right afterwards. That’s on you. Lol. I hope you enjoyed this month’s interviews with my characters. Next month, we’ll be chatting with some characters about their idea of the perfect date night. I’ll be interviewing Scar. I heard he’s got a new lady love. I can’t wait for you guys to meet her. That’s all for this month, ladies. Until next time, stay safe and always read past your bedtime. Smooches!

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They say all good things must come to an end.

But that wasn’t supposed to happen to them. They were supposed to be brothers for life. But if blood relatives can fallout, why couldn’t they? Chaos brought them together. Loyalty bound them together. But love would tear them apart. And jealousy would be the reason for their fallout.

Note: This ends on a cliffhanger! This is not a romance. This is a glimpse into the past and bridges the gap between book 2, Garrett’s Temptation, and book 4, Scar’s Obsession. Enjoy!


Book 1:


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New Year’s Resolutions with the Killer Crew.

Happy Thursday and welcome to another edition of Siren Chat. This month, we’re focusing on New Year’s Resolutions. I’m interviewing characters from my books to find out what their resolutions are. Today, we have the Killer Crew from Garrett’s Temptation joining us. But, before we get to them, I’ll share another one of my resolutions. 

This year, I hope to read more. Lately, I haven’t had much time to read. And instead of waiting on me to find time, my favorite authors keep dropping amazing books. From Shani Greene-Dowdell, to L. Loren, Posey Parks, C.D Samuda and so many more, I have a lot of catching up to do. I still need to read all of the books in the Once Upon A Villain series and the A Very Alpha Christmas series. This year, I plan to carve out some time to read more. I shared 2 books from my To-Read list today in my newsletter. I’ll share them and more on my blog soon. Feel free to leave me recommendations in the comments.

Now, for what you all really came here for. Let’s chat with the Killer Crew. Not all of the guys could make it. Garrett is keeping them very busy. But, Nik, Liam, and Kris showed up.

Warning: I am not responsible for what they do or say. And please forgive them for everything they do and say.

P.S. This interview contains spoilers. Be sure you’ve read my FREEBIE, The Fallout, before reading this interview.

Siren: Hey guys, could you sit down, please? Liam, is that a bomb? Why did you bring that in here?

Liam: It’s not a bomb. It used to be a bomb. I’ve taken it apart to study it.

Siren – Why? Never mind. Guys, let’s get started. What are you huddled up in the corner doing? Oh, wow. Is that a birthday gift for me?

Nik – We heard your birthday is today. So, we got you a little something.

Siren Feeling special. Opens the box. It’s a set of daggers. Smiles. I LOVE IT!

Nik: I told you she’d like it. You owe me $20, Kris. Pay up. You lost the bet.

Kris: Whatever! Siren, I voted to get you jewelry. Why are you happy about daggers? You’re no killer.

Siren: You’re right. I’m not. But they’re shiny and cute. And look, they’re even pointy….

Nik: Careful. They’re not toys.

Siren: I love them. I’m going to put these in my office as decoration.

Nik: What? Daggers are not decoration.

Siren: They’re mine and I can do whatever I want with them. Now, let’s get to those resolutions.

Nik: Wait, those daggers weren’t cheap and…

Siren: Would you rather have me get them dirty with blood or keep them clean and on display?

Nik, Liam, and Kris: Dirty with blood.

Siren: Of course, you’d all say that. They’re mine and I can do what I want with them. Now, let’s get to these resolutions. Which one of you guys would like to go first?

Liam: The youngest should go first.

Nik: The most handsome should go first. That means me.

Siren: You’re a twin.

Nik: Grins. But, I’m the handsome twin.

Kris: The one with the most kills should go first.

Nik: That’s still me.

Kris: That’s me.

Siren: How about we let Liam go first.

Nik: Why Liam?

Siren: Because, he’s holding a bomb that I want him to get out of here.

Nik: Makes sense.

Siren: Okay, Liam, tell me three of your resolutions.

Liam places his broken down bomb on the couch next to him. Nik and Kris scoots away from him. Siren leans back.

Liam: It’s not going to go off, guys. You know what? That’s one of my resolutions. I wish everyone wouldn’t be so afraid of my devices.

Nik: Last month, you rigged the washer machine. Now, everyone is scared to use it. And Oni is asking Garrett to buy a new one.

Liam: I’m not done with it. Once I’m finished, we’ll be able to remote-activate it. So, if we ever have to evacuate and blow up the safehouse to get rid of evidence, I can detonate the washing machine and it will take the entire place down, leaving no evidence behind.

Siren: You turned the washing machine into a bomb?

Liam: It’s not a bomb. It’s an exothermic reactor with….

Nik: It’s a bomb. It goes boom and it kills people.

Liam: *Sighs.* It’s kind of a bomb. But, forget about that. I’ve got two more resolutions. My second resolution is, I hope we can find a bigger safehouse.

Nik: That’s not a resolution.

Liam: Right. I should word it differently. I plan to go check out the other safehouses and see if they have more room.

Kris: You’re still complaining about the twins being in everything?

Liam: They own the house. Everything is baby proofed. I’m not allowed….

Nik: You’re not allowed to build sh*t that explodes in the house. Because of that, you want a bigger house?

Kris: If we had a bigger house, you still wouldn’t be allowed to build sh*t that explodes in the house. That’s what your shed is for.

Liam: Whatever. My third resolution is, I hope Scar returns soon. We need him.

Nik and Kris nods.

Siren: Oh, y’all nodding?

Nik: Yeah. Why wouldn’t we want our boy back?

Siren: Really? Because how I heard it was, you told him to leave.

Nik: Fake news, Siren. I never told him to leave. I did tell him to, you know, not be so close to Oni.

Siren: Which pretty much means leaving.

Nik: I never said those words.

Siren: Kris, how do you feel about this?

Kris: I think Scar leaving was a good thing.

Siren: This motherfu…. Why, Kris?

Kris: I haven’t spoken to him. But, I know he’s alive. If he wasn’t, I’m sure we’d know and then we’d have to kill whoever was responsible and…

Siren: We don’t have all day.

Kris: Glares at Siren.

Siren: Smiles. Please tell me why you think it’s a good idea, please?

Kris: He needs to be out on his own for awhile. And Garrett needs to no longer have his right hand man for a while. And they both need to see that they’re stronger together.

Nik: Yeah. That’s why I told him to take some time off and….

Siren: Lies. Don’t try to jump on Kris’ answer.

Nik: I’m serious.

Liam: No, he’s not.

Siren: We’re getting off track again. So, Liam, you’ve said your resolutions. Now, I want to hear Kris’.

Nik: Why Kris?

Siren: Because I think yours will take longer than his.

Kris: You’re right, Siren. I only have one.

Siren: We agreed on three.

Kris: I only have one.




Nik: Let me tell you a joke, Siren. What’s on the menu at the restaurant called Karma?

Siren: I don’t know. Um, chicken?

Nik: No. There’s no menu at Karma. You get what you deserve.

Siren: Bursts out laughing.

Liam and Kris: *Crickets*

Nik: That’s why I like you, Siren. You laugh at my jokes.

Siren: You’re a funny guy, Nik. But, we’ve got to move on. Kris, share your ONE resolution.

Kris: Peace on Earth.

Siren, Liam, Nik: What the hell?

Siren: That’s such a generic answer.

Nik: Forget generic. If there was peace on Earth, we wouldn’t have dispatch cases to work.

Kris: *Nods* I know.

Liam: And you’re okay with that?

Kris: I am.

Nik: *Appears shocked* Who are you and what have you done with my brother?

Kris: Hear me out. We have so many open cases right now. We have twins in the house. Dean and Garrett are always concerned about Oni and Rain’s safety. Nik, you’ve even been concerned with the safety of L….

Nik: Heyyyy. Shut the F*ck up. Just say your resolutions. Don’t go volunteering information.

Siren: Wait, I want to hear this. Whose safety has Nik been concerned with?

Nik: Siren, mind your business.

Siren: Is it a woman?

Nik: Nope, it’s a penguin. My New Year’s resolution is to save the penguins. Okay, guys, lets wrap this up. We’ve got somewhere to be in an hour.

Siren: Wait. You didn’t tell me your resolution, Nik.

Nik: I just did. I want to save the penguins.

Siren: No, you don’t.

Nik: Seriously, I do. Ever since I was forced to wear a bow tie to the wedding, I’ve felt a special bond with penguins.

Liam and Kris starts to laugh. Siren rolls her eyes. Liam’s ‘not a bomb’ starts to beep.

Siren: Liam, get that out of here.

Liam: It’s not going to explode.

Siren: Now, Liam.

Kris: Come on, Kid. Let’s go before we blow up the neighborhood.

Liam: Seriously, it’s not going to explode.

Kris: Come on, Kid. Happy Birthday, Siren. How old are you?

Nik: It’s not polite to ask a woman her age.

Kris: Siren isn’t a woman, she’s family. How old are you?

Siren: I’m For… Fo… Fort…. Sorry, I can’t even say the number.

Liam: Forty?

Siren nods.

Kris: There’s nothing wrong with forty. Try to say it again.

Siren: For…. Fort…

Nik: You’re a fort?

Siren: Shut up, Nik. Today, I am Forty! There, I said it.

Nik: Good, girl.

Siren rolls her eyes. Nik laughs. That ‘not a bomb’ is still ticking.

Siren: Liam!

Liam: I’m leaving. Come on, guys.

Liam and Kris head out.

Siren: Nik, wait.

Nik: I really want to save the penguins.

Siren: Forget that. Do you feel any guilt about Scar?

Nik: Guilt? Why would I feel guilt? I saved a relationship.

Siren: How? They won’t even talk.

Nik: Yeah, but they haven’t killed each other. That’s what would’ve happened if I hadn’t stepped in and talked to Scar.

Siren: But you made him feel like an outsider.

Nik: I know.

Siren: That’s wrong.

Nik: At least he’s not dead.

Siren: You made Garrett feel like he was right.

Nik: I know.

Siren: He’s not right.

Nik: At least he’s not dead.

Siren: Why do you keep saying that?

Nik: You’re thinking from a person on the outside looking in. All you see is wrong or right. There’s no wrong or right here. They’re both wrong. And they’re both right. Siren, we’re not like regular men. And when it comes to love, we’re more emotional than regular men.

Siren: Really?

Nik: Hell yeah. For men like us, all we see is death and destruction everyday. We become jaded. Life becomes a nuisance. We no longer fear death. We know that in our line of work, we can be killed at any time. However, when a ray of light appears in our life in the form of love, all of that changes. The fearless become the fearful. We no longer think with our trigger finger, we start to think with our heart. Like I said before, we’re not like regular men. We don’t understand wooing and all that. All we know is one word, MINE. Our women, our love, our ray of life, belongs to us and us only. If anyone, friend or foe, looks like they pose a threat to that, they become the enemy. Scar was very close to becoming Garrett’s enemy.

Siren: But, he already is…

Nik: No, he left before that could happen. Right now, Garrett is just mad because a part of him feels like an idiot for doubting Scar’s loyalty. However, his pride won’t let him reach out to Scar, not yet. He needs time. He needs to work through his own issues. But he needs to do it without Scar around.

Siren: What about poor, Scar?

Nik: Scar isn’t poor. He got big money. He’s a money hoarder.

Siren: I didn’t mean poor that way. But, a money hoarder? Really? I wish I was a money hoarder.

Nik: You need some money, Siren? Does your husband not provide for you?

Siren: First of all, he does. Second of all, I don’t need him to. I make my own money, thank you.

Nik: Oh, right. You’re an independent woman.

Siren: Damn straight.

Nik: Mumbles under his breath – I’m so sick of independent women who won’t let you take care of them.

Siren: What was that? Are you talking about someone specific?

Nik: I said, you don’t have to worry much about poor Scar. Scar needs to find himself. He needs to find what he wants out of life. Hell, who knows, he may even find love while he’s out on his own.

Siren: What if he doesn’t come back?

Nik: He will.

Siren: How do you know?

Nik: Because men like us never turn our backs on our brothers. We fight. We fall out. We separate. But when needed, we always show up. If Scar calls, we will drop everything and come running. If Garrett calls, Scar will drop everything and come running. That’s true loyalty. It may bend. But it never breaks.

Siren: But what if…

Nik: Siren, have faith in us. In the end, everything will be okay. And their relationship will be stronger than before.

Siren: *Sigh* If you say so. Before you go, who is it that you’ve been trying to protect?

Nik: Looks down at his wrist. Look at the time.

Siren: You’re not wearing a watch.

Nik: Uh, I am. It’s invisible.

Siren: An invisible watch? Right?

Nik: Yeah. Liam made it. You know that Kid is a genius.

Siren: Have you found a woman that you like, Nik?

Nik: Me? No. I, uh, don’t have time for that. So, I’ve got to go. It’s my turn to watch the twins while Garrett and Oni have a date night. Let’s do this again. It was fun. I’ll bring the penguins next time. Happy Birthday. Bye.

Nik rushes from the room, leaving Siren staring after him.

Siren: So, readers, that’s that. I’m pretty sure Nik has a crush on someone. I’ll find out who it is and let you know later. But, what do you think about the things he said? Do you agree with Nik’s method of trying to resolve things? Let me know in the comments. I’m torn. I kind of understand what he’s saying. He’s thinking that Scar and Garrett need to be apart to realize just how much they need each other. But, I feel like he could’ve gotten them to that point with a less aggressive plan. *Sigh* Let me know how you feel about all this. Should Nik have just stayed out of it? Or was he right to have gotten involved before things escalated between Scar and Garrett?

Also, next week is the final week of New Year’s Resolutions. And I’ll be interviewing our boy, Vlad. I didn’t plan to interview him. He asked to be interviewed. He has something he wants to say about all of this. Find out his thoughts next week! Until then, be safe and always read past your bedtime! Smooches!


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They say all good things must come to an end.

But that wasn’t supposed to happen to them. They were supposed to be brothers for life. But if blood relatives can fallout, why couldn’t they? Chaos brought them together. Loyalty bound them together. But love would tear them apart. And jealousy would be the reason for their fallout.

Note: This ends on a cliffhanger! This is not a romance. This is a glimpse into the past and bridges the gap between book 2, Garrett’s Temptation, and book 4, Scar’s Obsession. Enjoy!


The Dangerously Curvy Series

Book 1:


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New Year’s Resolutions With Garrett and Oni.

Happy Thursday and welcome to another edition of Siren Chat. Okay, so, I should’ve posted this yesterday. What had happen was, I stayed in bed all day. It felt soooo good to stay in bed and not do anything. I feel so refreshed now. Guys, we have to take a break every now and then for our mental stability. If you don’t, please start. I took a day off and I’m feeling energized.

So, let’s get started. This month, we’re focusing on New Year’s Resolutions. I’m interviewing characters from my books to find out what their resolutions are. Today, we have Garrett and Oni from Garrett’s Temptation joining us. But, before we get to them, I will share one of my resolutions with you. It’s one that sounds super easy but is actually very hard.

Write more. See, simple, right? Nope. I’m easily distracted by television, the squirrels who like to play on my porch – I have named them Chip and Dale. My hubby is a distraction. The biggest distraction is social media. So, this year, I hope to find a PA to handle most of my social media duties while I focus on writing. Wish me luck! (I guess that’s two resolutions right there. Find a PA and write more.)

Okay, enough about me. Now, for what you all came here for. Let’s chat with Oni and Garrett.

Warning: I am not responsible for what they do or say. Also, if you have not read books 1-3 of this series, you may not want to read this interview. It contains spoilers.

Siren: Okay, readers. I have Garrett and Oni here with me. They’re going to share their New Year’s resolutions with you. Before they start, take a minute to think about what you imagine their resolutions will be. At the end of the interview, leave a comment and let me know if you guessed correctly!

Siren – Hi, Oni!

Oni – Hi, Siren. Long time no see.

Siren – Hi, Garrett.

Garrett – I heard you made Dean angry last week.

Siren – …..

Garrett – ……

Siren – …..

Garrett – Good, someone needs to bring up the subject of kids with him. He gets upset whenever I do it.

Siren – I didn’t bring it up. Rain did. Yet, he still got upset with me.

Garrett – Don’t worry about it. That’s just how he is. He has a bad attitude.

Siren *Raises eyebrow* Oh, he does, does he? Is he the only one with a bad attitude?

Garrett *With a straight face* Yes, he is.

Siren – …..

Garrett – ……

Siren – ……

Oni – I feel like I’m missing something here.

Garrett – You’re not missing anything, Beauty. Siren just likes giving me a hard time.

Siren – True. By the way, How’s Scar?

Garrett – ….

Siren -…….

Garrett – I heard Dean threatened to burn this place down. We can make that happen.

Oni – Garrett! Stop acting like that. As for Scar…. *Oni sighs* We haven’t heard from him in a while. I’m worried.

Garrett – I thought we were here to talk about New Year’s Resolutions.

Siren – We are.

Garrett – Let’s do that then. I’ll start.

Siren – Usually, I have the woman start….

Garrett – I’ll start.

Siren – Fine.

Garrett – My New Year’s Resolutions are to protect my family from threats. I also want to forever be a great father to my kids. I want to be someone they can depend on and run to when things are too hard. But, I also want to teach them to stand on their own two feet.

Oni – I like those resolutions, Beast.

Siren – So do I, Beast.

Oni – Siren, you tried it.

Siren – My bad. Garrett, what’s your final resolution?

Garrett – It’s Oni’s turn.

Siren – But, you only told us two and…

Garrett – It’s my wife’s turn.

Siren – Ugh, fine! Oni can you please share with the readers your THREE New Year’s resolutions.

Oni – Sure thing, Siren. As long as you don’t call Garrett Beast again.

Siren – I wouldn’t dream of it.

Oni – Great. My first resolution is to get healthier.

Garrett – Don’t you dare lose weight.

Oni – While getting healthier, some weight may drop off.

Garrett – First, you said you was just trying to lose baby weight. You lost it. Now you trying to lose that a$$. I’m not happy with this, Beauty.

Oni – Okay, okay. I’ll just work on toning up.

Garrett – I’ll work out with you.

Oni – We tried that. When you work out with me, you always end up…. you know.

Garrett *Winks at Oni* Yeah, I know.

Oni *Smiles and blushes.*

Siren – Okaaay, let’s get back on track guys.

Garrett – Mind your business, Siren.

Siren – This is my business. I’m here to interview you guys. Not watch you two stare into each other’s eyes.

Garrett – Jealous?

Siren – Uh, no. I’ve got a husband of my own.

Garrett – Has he ever killed for you?

Siren – Well…

Garrett – Has he ever laid your enemies at your feet?

Siren – Um….

Garrett – Has he ever…..

Siren – He’s never kidnapped me. Neither has he ever tried to torture me. And he’s never…

Garrett – Why you bringing up the past?

Oni – I feel like I’m the only adult in the room. You two do realize I have babies to get back to and I hate being away from them for a long period of time, right?

Garrett – Yes, love. Let’s go home to our twins.

Siren – Can one of you at least tell me your resolutions?

Garrett – I told you two of mine.

Siren – What’s your final one?

Garrett – I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it.

Siren – Really? You’ve known about this interview all month.

Garrett – I’ve had other sh*t to deal with, Siren. I don’t get to take a day off like you do.

Siren – Oh, really? You know what? You’ve been hella petty lately.

Oni – Enough you two. I’ll tell you mine, Siren. I already said I want to be healthier this year. I also want to take my writing career to the next level.

Siren: I feel you on that. Can you elaborate a bit?

Oni: Sure. I’m talking movie deals and all of that. I want merch for my books too. By the way, I love your merch.

Siren – Thanks!

Oni – As for my final resolution, I want my family to get back together.

Siren – Are you talking about reuniting with your mother and your sister?

Oni *Rolls eyes* Of course not. That’s another story. I’m talking about my Killer Crew. As you know, Scar left the house. He’s gone to find himself or something like that.

Siren stares at Garrett. Garrett glares at Siren.


Garrett shakes his head.


Garrett swipes his finger across his throat.

Siren *Ignores the warning* Is that why Scar said he left? Did he really leave to go ‘find himself?’

Oni – Yeah. Why? What have you heard?

Siren*Reading Garrett’s Lips.*

Garrett. – *Mouths the words, kill shot.*

Siren – I was just asking.

Oni – Oh! Okay.  Well, those are my three resolutions. I think we’re done here.

Siren – I guess so. Thank you both for talking to me today.

Oni – You’re welcome, Siren. Anytime. Thank you for having us. We’ll see you later.

Siren – Bye. Bye Garrett!


Siren Shaking head as she watches them head to the door. After they leave, Siren gathers up her notes. She looks up when she hears footsteps. There’s Garrett. Good thing she wore her bulletproof vest.

Garrett – Why did you keep bringing up Scar?

Siren – No reason.

Garrett – Hmm….

Siren – Hmm….

For a minute, he doesn’t say anything.

Siren – Did you need anything else?

Garrett *Rubs his hand through his hair* How is he?

Siren – You should ask him yourself.

Garrett – I’m asking you.

Siren – And I’m telling you to ask him. He’s still your brother, right?


Siren – Let me give you a piece of advice. No one lives forever. If you’ve got something you want to say to someone, say it today. Tomorrow isn’t promised. If you want to know how Scar is doing, find him and ask him.

Garrett – You sound like you blame me for him leaving?

Siren – I do.

Garrett – Why?

Siren – Because you pushed him away.

Garrett – I didn’t. All I wanted was to have my wife to myself.

Siren – Whatever you say.

Garrett – Would your husband be okay with you going to his brother when you need help? Would your husband be okay with his brother hanging around you, making you laugh and sh*t like that?


Garrett – In my heart, I know they’re only friends. I know my wife is loyal to me. But I’ve never had someone love me the way she does. I’ve never had someone treat me the way she does. I’ve never had someone look at me the way she does. I’m possessive. And I’m never going to apologize for being this way. I want all her smiles. I want to be the one she turns to, every time, no matter what it is. I don’t want to share any part of her.

Siren – I understand. But…

Garrett – You don’t understand. Everything I love, it always gets taken from me. Not this time. Not my Beauty. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her. Even if it means losing a brother. I’ll always be there for Scar. But I can’t have him back in the safehouse.

Siren – But…

Garrett – Call me crazy. I’ll be that. I’m crazy about Oni. And nothing you or anyone else says will change that. So, next time, don’t bring up Scar in front of her. Got that?

Garrett turns and leaves, leaving Siren staring after him.

Siren: Okay, readers! Let’s chat for a moment. Look, I know Garrett is hurting. I can see that. Now, I’ve just got to find a way to help him. Readers, what do you suggest? Leave me a comment letting me know whether or not you agree with Garrett’s logic? Would your life partner feel the same way if you were close to their brother or friend like Oni is close with Scar? I want to hear your thoughts on this.

That’s it for this week. Next week, I’m interviewing a few members of the Killer Crew. I want to know what they think about what’s going on between Garrett and Scar. Until next week, be safe and always read past your bedtime! Smooches!

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They say all good things must come to an end.

But that wasn’t supposed to happen to them. They were supposed to be brothers for life. But if blood relatives can fallout, why couldn’t they? Chaos brought them together. Loyalty bound them together. But love would tear them apart. And jealousy would be the reason for their fallout.

Note: This ends on a cliffhanger! This is not a romance. This is a glimpse into the past and bridges the gap between book 2, Garrett’s Temptation, and book 4, Scar’s Obsession. Enjoy!


They dangerous and they like their women curvy!

Book 1:


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P.S – Next week, I’ve got a special announcement coming. No, it’s not Scar’s book releasing early. Lol. I know some of you would think that and I didn’t want you to be disappointed. It’s something else. You’ll see what it is next week! Later!

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New Year’s Resolutions with Dean and Rain.

Happy Wednesday! Readers asked for it. So, I’ve decided to get back to doing weekly blog posts. I’m baccckkkk!

This month’s theme is New Year’s resolutions. Same as every year, my resolution is to try to take over the world. Just kidding! It’s something much harder than that. I plan to once again try to lose weight. Low carb plans work for me. Not Atkins or Keto. I’m not ready for that yet. But, I will be cutting carbs in 2021. I’ll keep you updated on my progress. Enough about me. You came here to hear from Dean and Rain. Warning: Don’t blame me for the words that come out of their mouths. I am not responsible for them.

Enjoy this interview.

Siren: Okay, readers. I have Dean and Rain here with me. They’re going to share their New Year’s resolutions with you. Before they start, take a minute to think about what you imagine their resolutions will be. At the end of the interview, leave a comment and let me know if you guessed right!

WARNING: If you haven’t read Dean’s book, this interview will contain spoilers.

Siren – Hi, Dean and Rain. Thank you for joining me and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to tell my readers and I your New Year’s Resolutions.

Rain – It’s our pleasure. Right, Dean?

Dean – If it makes you happy, love.

Siren – Dean, are you saying Rain forced you to do this interview?

Dean – Precisely. I’m a busy man. I’ve got important things to do.

Siren – Like keep an eye on Garrett?

Dean – You’re being nosey, Siren.

Siren – Alright, alright. Let’s get to the point of this interview. I’ve already stated my resolution. I want to lose weight…

Rain – Girl, you better eat a donut and forget about the rest. There’s nothing wrong with some extra meat on your bones.

Siren – I know. I just want to lose about…

Rain – Baby, tell her, the curvier the better, right?

Dean – Men need something to hold on to when they’re fuc…

Rain – Enough, Dean! I didn’t tell you to say all of that.

Siren – Wow. Uh. Okay. You first, Rain. What are three of your New Year’s resolutions?

Rain – Mine are simple. I’m not tryin to lose weight…

Dean – You better not.

Rain – But, I am trying to be healthier. I’m an aunt now. I’ve got to chase two little twins around. I can’t be letting them tire me out.

Dean – Those kids tire me out. All they do is run.

Rain – Also, I want to open a restaurant after everything in our life settles down. And last but not least, I would like to maybe, uh, get pregnant this year.

*Dean starts coughing. Rain pats him on the back. Siren sips her tea.*

Dean – Pregnant?

Rain – I said maybe.

Dean – Siren, I want to change one of my resolutions.

Siren – You haven’t even stated them yet.

Dean – I want to add no babies to mine.

Rain – Dean!

Dean – Not right now. You see how crazy fatherhood has made Garrett. I’m not ready for that.

Rain – You won’t be like that.

Dean – I’ll probably be worse. Let’s wait until after everything settles down. After all the cases have been solved and…

Rain – So, never?

Dean – Not never. Just, later.

Rain – I want to be a mom.

Dean – What about a pet?

Rain – I don’t want no damn pet.

Dean – Fishes are easy to clean up after. And when they die, you just flush them down the toilet.

Rain – I can’t believe you, Dean.

Dean – What?

Rain – I’m ready to go.

Siren – Wait. Dean hasn’t finished telling the readers his New Year’s Resolutions.

Rain – You heard him, no babies.

Siren – But the other two…

Rain – No babies. No sex. No Food.

Dean – I never said those.

Rain – I said them for you. Those are all the things you won’t be getting in 2021.

Dean – Hey, Rain. Don’t go. Don’t. Shit. *Turns to me.*

Siren – Um, I guess we’re done here.

Dean – Fix it, Siren, or I’ll burn this whole place to the ground. *Storms off.*

Siren – And this is what I get for creating such violent characters. They even threaten me! Okay readers, maybe we’ll have better luck next week when I interview Garrett and Oni. Then again, maybe I’ll bring my bulletproof vest with me, just in case. Despite their early departure, I hope you enjoyed this interview. Please leave a comment telling me one of your own New Year’s Resolutions. and let me know if you guessed theirs correctly. Until next week, be safe and always read past your bedtime. I’m going to go out and make sure Dean and Rain are okay. No sex for a year? He’ll end up killing everyone who looks at him wrong. Later!

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Siren Chat

Witches Say The Darndest Things Part 1. #Giveaway #WitchesDoItBetter


Hello. Happy Wicked Wednesday and welcome to, Witches Say The Darndest Things. I’m the head witch in charge, Siren Allen and today I’m sharing scenes from my paranormal novels that feature witches.

Today, you get a scene from Tiana Cooper. The lead witch in my, A Witch For Christmas, story. Tiana is a sassy chick who says whatever is on her mind. Don’t believe me? Keep reading to see for yourself. Blessed be!


Tiana followed behind him. “You know, you can call me by my name, instead of witch.”

“I know.”

“Then why don’t you do it.” And why do you walk so fast?

“Because it would make this real.”

“What?” He ignored her. “It would make what real?” Still no answer. “Vic!”

“Must you talk so much?”

“Just for that rude remark, I’m not going to stop talking. Let’s see, we should talk about fashion. I have a New Year’s Eve outfit being made for me. It’s this cute outfit that’s gold and shimmers. The top half is sleeveless…”

“It’s going to be too cold for that.”

“The bottom half is a long skirt with a slit up the leg.”

“Definitely too cold for that.”

“The heels are high and skinny, how I like them.”

“High and skinny, never a good combination.”

“Are we still talking about shoes?”

“In general. Shoes, women…”

“Whatever. All the women you date look like they get high and they are definitely skinny.”

“I don’t date, witch. I f*ck and I go.”

“If you say so. Anyway… my heels are…”

“If we must talk, let’s talk about something I want to talk about.”
Uh oh. “Like what?”

“F*cking. Let’s talk about f*cking.”

Whoa. “F*cking who?”

“Let’s talk about who you’re currently f*cking.”

No one. He didn’t need to know that. “You first. Who are you f*cking?”

“No one, at the moment. I’m walking.”

Tiana punched his shoulder, causing him to laugh. “I’m serious.”

“So am I. I asked you first anyway. Who are you f*cking?”

Think of a name. Bart. Bart sounded like a good name. “Not that it’s any of your business, but my current sexual partner…”

“F*ck buddy,” he corrected her.

“Whatever. His name is Bart.”

“Bart?” Vic laughed. “What kind of name is Bart?”

“Bart is short for uh, Bartholomew.”

“Even worse.”

“Yeah, well, Victor isn’t the greatest name in the world.”

“Victor is a strong name. It means, a person who defeats an opponent or an enemy in battle. Victor’s are warriors. And Victor’s can f*ck.”

“Oh, so you’ve met every Victor in the world and tested their f*ckability?”

“Nah. Only my own. And trust me, no female has ever complained.”

She was sure they hadn’t. Especially not with a dick like his. She felt the need to defend Bart. Her imaginary lover.

“Well, Bart has a strong meaning also.”

“Yeah? What?”

“It means… uh, keeper of the heart, or some sh*t like that. I don’t remember. Bart told me once, after we made love. But, I was so riled up from the sex, that I forgot. He’s a great lover. He takes it slow.”

“Slow is for men who don’t know what they’re doing. They spend their time thinking about what they should do next.”

“No, slow is for thoughtful lovers. Those who want to get it right and please their woman. Slow and steady wins the race. All that pounding sh*t is for the birds. I’d take slow over a minute man any day.”

“Just because you’d rather pound than procrastinate, doesn’t mean you’re a minute man.”

She could tell he was getting irritated. Good. He needed to be. “Men who pound it like there’s no tomorrow are clearly trying to cause pain, because they know the pleasure is nonexistent.”

“There’s nothing wrong with a little pain.”

“It is if there’s no pleasure there. Pounding is for men who don’t know what they’re doing, they’re just trying to get their partner to make a sound. And the female is probably screaming her head off because the guy is damn near ripping through her uterus. Bart, doesn’t have that problem. He knows how to make sweet love.”

She ignored the low growl rumbling through his chest.

“Bart keeps me coming all night long. He knows how to…”

“Quiet witch. You’re giving me a migraine.”

A Witch For Christmasnew

She’s a witch on a mission.
Tiana Cooper has made it through her Guardian trials and now it’s time for her to receive her Guardian tattoo. First, she has to complete one final test to prove she can handle protecting any charge who’s placed into her care. Unfortunately, the council sticks her with Victor Wynfell, a shifter who hates witches. The only thing he hates more than witches is her.
All she has to do is keep the brooding shifter safe and out of trouble for seven days and she’ll pass her test. But, luck isn’t on her side. Victor finds out she’s been appointed as his Guardian and is now hell bent on making her fail. Keeping a dangerously sexy shifter safe isn’t as easy as she thought it would be. Perhaps it’s going to take more than magic to get the job done.

He’s a shifter carrying a grudge.
Victor Wynfell has been in love with Tiana since they were teens. But, she chose another shifter over him, leaving him with a broken heart and wounded pride. Now that the tables are turned and she needs him, he’s determined to show her how being rejected feels. He’ll do whatever it takes to make her fail.
Even if that means getting into more fights than usual and disobeying pack rules. With his pack currently under attack from unknown outside sources, it’s easy for him to find trouble to get into. But, watching Tiana fail isn’t making him as happy as he thought it would. Realizing his carelessness is placing her in danger, he changes tactics. He’ll help her, but he wants something in return.

If she wants to pass her test, she’s going to have to play by his rules.
And his rules involve handcuffs, blindfolds and maybe a happy ever after neither of them saw coming.


As you can see, the sexual tension between Tiana and Vic is off the charts. Read the story to find out what happens next. This novel is FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Enjoy witches!


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