Kidnapping The Vampire, Kindle Vella

Kidnapping The Vampire Episodes 1-14

Kat Davenport has one mission: kidnap her cousin’s fiancé and bring him to their safehouse. Bashing the wrong man upside the head and causing him to have amnesia was never her intention. With time running out, Kat has no choice but to pretend her new captive is her husband and take him with her until their looming threat has passed. But as her captive’s memory returns, Kat realizes he’s not only the wrong man, he may even be the threat her family is running from. Oh and he may not even be human!

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Spoiler Alert: If you’re not caught up on episodes 1-14, please do not read below this point. Spoilers ahead.

This is a judgement free zone where you can chat about KTV episodes. Each week, I’ll create another post for you to comment on. The main hub for the posts will be here.


This post is for episodes 1-14.

What do you think of the story so far?

Do you have any predictions?

When it comes to the Night Crawlers, who’s side are you on: Arix or Jacen? The picture above of the guy with the hat and cane is how I picture some of the NCs who aren’t too far gone.

If you have any questions or comments about episodes 1-14, leave them here. I’ll check back in and respond and chat with you later. Thanks for reading Kidnapping The Vampire on Kindle Vella.

*If you’re enjoying the episodes be sure to like them and give the story a fav each week!*

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3 thoughts on “Kidnapping The Vampire Episodes 1-14”

  1. Love the kindle Vella, but it can get expensive. I plan to finish the book that I started reading on it, but in the future I will probably just buy completed books from Amazon ebooks

    1. I am glad you’re enjoying KTV. Yeah, this style of reading isn’t for everyone. So, I can understand why you’d want to read completed books. Thanks for giving KTV a try. I appreciate you!! 🙂

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