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Enjoy This Steamy Peek Into Protecting Winter!

The final book in the Frostlands series is here! This action-packed adventure brings an end to our time in the Frostlands. I hope you enjoy this conclusion.

Kaede and Sinclair
Cursed to the Frostlands, he never thought he’d find his mate. But he did and he vowed to protect her until the day he died. And he did. It was the issues that came after his death that threatened their love, their life, their family. Will Kaede be able to find his mate and right his wrongs?

Rhen and Winter
He’d lost her once. He refused to lose her again.
His mate sacrificed herself for him, expecting him to go on with his life. But there is no life for him without her. To save her, he will do whatever it takes. At all costs, he must protect Winter. Even if it means sacrificing himself.

The Frostlands Finale
They’ve fought for years to stay alive in this frozen prison. This final battle will decide it all. Will our couples rise to the challenge, or will they be stomped under their enemies’ feet? Find out who’s left standing when you read, Protecting Winter, book 4 of the Frostlands series.

** A Steamy Peek Into The Book!**

Rhen sat up. “I want to be the one to dress you.”

His beauty stared over her shoulder at him. “I won’t say no to that.”

Rhen rose from the bed and gathered up her discarded clothes. Clothing in his arms, he walked back over to her and knelt at her feet.

“Stand up,” he told her. She did as he asked. He couldn’t resist staring at her beautiful body. Every part of her was utter perfection. His eyes fastened on her pu**y. A low growl rumbled through his chest.

“Don’t even think about it,” she warned.

“Just one lick,” he told her.

“Rhen! Don’t think about it.” She leaned away.

He leaned forward. “Too late. I’m already thinking about it.”

“Rhen!” She leaned back so far that she fell onto the bed. He pounced and spread her thighs apart.

“Rhen, I’d planned for us to bathe at the river.”

“We can do that too. After I lick you again.”


“You told me I needed to eat so I could get stronger.”

“I was talking about blood.”

“Pu**y is more nutritious.”

“What nutrients does it have?”

“Vitamin P,” he said with a grin.

Before she could say anything else, he lowered his head. It wasn’t long before her words morphed into moans. Those moans transformed into cries of pleasure as her fingers threaded through his hair, gripping it tightly, pushing his face deeper into her pu**y. And he loved every minute of it. She could smother him in her pu**y if she wanted to and he’d die a happy vampire. 

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