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Hearts Unleashed Is Here!

It’s here! Hearts Unleashed is LIVE! The Hearts Unleashed box set authors are so excited about our new release. We are striving to make it onto the USA Today Bestsellers List and we need your help, especially on iBooks & Nook.

All it takes is $1 ($3 if you grab it on all platforms!!–please!!) to show us (ME) your support and help these amazing authors hit that USAT list!

Buy link: https://books2read.com/hearts

Want to know more about the set? Great! Keep reading for book details and for a peek into my story in the collection, Cursed Hearts.

*About The Hearts Unleashed Collection!*

Lose yourself in the magic…

Hearts Unleashed brings you 20+ BRAND NEW tantalizing tales of paranormal romance and urban fantasy in this thrilling collection of heart-pounding books featuring Shifters, Vampires, Witches, and more.

Unleash your heart, indulge your senses, and satisfy your cravings with this fantastic collection of supernatural fiction featuring sensual heroes and sassy heroines, crafted by some of your favorite bestselling and award-winning authors.

*My contribution to the set is called Cursed Hearts.*

*Cursed Hearts*

He’d long yearned for a mate. Instead, Fate had given him an enemy.

When Yung Yoshida caught a whiff of his mate’s scent, he thought his dreams had come true. When she smiled, he’d thanked the Fates for her. Until he saw her fangs.

That’s when he realized the Fates hadn’t given him a mate, they’d given him an enemy. Pack rules state wolves and vamps aren’t allowed to be together. But the more time he spends with his mate, the more he thinks about breaking those rules.

Will Yung choose to follow his heart, or will he follow his pack?

Download Hearts Unleashed to find out! 


*A Peek Into Cursed Hearts*

Yung’s nostrils flared as he inhaled. Damn, what was that? It was the sweetest scent he’d ever smelled. Scanning the smoke-filled club, he searched for the creature whose scent sent tingles up and down his spine. His hand tightened around his beer. His nails elongated, puncturing the aluminum can.

He tried to tune out all conversations in the bar. That was hard to do with his loud-ass brother and cousin in the corner discussing the legs on a red-head seated at a table across from them. The red-head, who happened to be a witch, was daring one of her red-headed friends to take another shot of vodka.

The witches reeked of magic and trickery. However, their scent was not the one causing him to mangle a perfectly good can of beer. He inhaled deeply again. With the stench of alcohol and sweat in the air, he couldn’t pinpoint where the aroma was coming from.

Yung stood up, causing his chair to scrape against the floor. The troll seated at the bar next to him frowned as Yung towered over him. Having a seven-foot wolf shifter abruptly stand up next to you would cause any creature to frown. Yung smiled stiffly at the troll before starting in the direction the mind-numbing scent was coming from.

Sniffing, he strode across the club. He was confident his nose would lead him right to her. As he walked, he realized it wasn’t only her scent that was luring him in. It was her energy. He could feel her presence. He’d never experienced anything like this before. The hairs on his arms were standing up.

His mouth was watering just from the thought that tonight, he would finally find his mate. Her scent grew stronger. Yung walked faster. She was close. So, f*cking close. He rounded the corner and came up short. The sign read: Ladies Room.


Was he really about to let a simple sign keep him from the woman he’d been waiting so long for? Yung looked both ways, making sure he was alone. Then he leaned forward until his nose almost touched the door to the ladies’ room and inhaled. The beast inside him roared, screaming for him to claim his mate.

The sound echoed through his skull. Yung swallowed, trying to stay calm, trying not to wolf out in the middle of the club. But calmness was hard to achieve when both man and beast wanted their hands on the woman who belonged to them. Yung inhaled again and caught the scent of something else.

A shiver raced down his spine as this new scent washed over him. Heat – pure and hot. A fragrance so decadent it almost brought him to his knees. Yung smiled. The beast inside him growled. His mate was in heat. Unable to contain the beast any longer, Yung pushed open the door, causing it to slam against the wall. He hadn’t meant to shove it that hard. He told his beast to be calm. But there was no denying the fact that his mate was going through the change and she needed him.

Download the Hearts Unleashed box set today: https://books2read.com/hearts

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