Kidnapping The Vampire, Kindle Vella

Kidnapping The Vampire Episodes 31-35!

Hi, KTV Readers!

This is the discussion post for episodes 31- 35 of Kidnapping The Vampire.

Now that secrets have been revealed, things are going downhill for our couple. What do you think about the choices both Kat and Jacen have made? What do you think will happen next for our couple?

Leave me a comment to let me know your thoughts on Eps 31-35.

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Initially, I’d planned to give each Davenport lady her own story. However, after thinking about it, I’ve decided to tell their stories all in one book. So, you’ll get each Davenport’s story in this one book with Kat and Jacen being the main focus. There are more secrets to be revealed. Get ready! This rollercoaster ride of emotions is just beginning.

5 thoughts on “Kidnapping The Vampire Episodes 31-35!”

  1. Kat needs to run and get in contact with her family to let them know what she knows. I’m hoping Jacen isn’t gone completely dark and will be able to recognize Kat real soon.

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