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Merry Christmas!

I hope Santa gifted you with everything you wanted this year. And for those who made the naughty list… there’s always next year! After you finish opening presents and spending time with the family, you’ll need some alone time to enjoy a naughty holiday romance.

And my paranormal romance, A Witch For Christmas, is the perfect book to curl up with this Christmas. Today, the characters from that romance is going to share with you three items off their Christmas wish list. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

A Witch For Christmasnew

Tiana: This Christmas, I just want to pass my Guardian exam and get my Guardian tattoo. But, if I must to choose two more wishes, I guess I can wish for a new car. And maybe a sexy shifter to wake up to on Christmas morning. There’s one who I really like, but he’s the moodiest shifter I’ve ever met. His name is Vic. He’s sexy, but arrogant. Strong, but moody. And the dreams I have about him are definitely going to get me onto Santa’s naughty list!

Victor: I don’t really do Christmas. I don’t decorate. I don’t buy presents. I just like to be left alone. But, if I have to wish for something, there’s only one thing that will make me happy. Having a curvy witch underneath me on Christmas morning. There’s only one witch who can fulfil that wish. But she and I don’t get along. It’ll take a Christmas miracle to get us together. And I don’t believe in miracles.


She’s a witch on a mission.
Tiana Cooper has made it through her Guardian trials and now it’s time for her to receive her Guardian tattoo. First, she has to complete one final test to prove she can handle protecting any charge who’s placed into her care. Unfortunately, the council sticks her with Victor Wynfell, a shifter who hates witches. The only thing he hates more than witches is her.
All she has to do is keep the brooding shifter safe and out of trouble for seven days and she’ll pass her test. But, luck isn’t on her side. Victor finds out she’s been appointed as his Guardian and is now hell bent on making her fail. Keeping a dangerously sexy shifter safe isn’t as easy as she thought it would be. Perhaps it’s going to take more than magic to get the job done.

He’s a shifter carrying a grudge.
Victor Wynfell has been in love with Tiana since they were teens. But, she chose another shifter over him, leaving him with a broken heart and wounded pride. Now that the tables are turned and she needs him, he’s determined to show her how being rejected feels. He’ll do whatever it takes to make her fail.
Even if that means getting into more fights than usual and disobeying pack rules. With his pack currently under attack from unknown outside sources, it’s easy for him to find trouble to get into. But, watching Tiana fail isn’t making him as happy as he thought it would. Realizing his carelessness is placing her in danger, he changes tactics. He’ll help her, but he wants something in return.

If she wants to pass her test, she’s going to have to play by his rules.
And his rules involve handcuffs, blindfolds and maybe a happy ever after neither of them saw coming.


Next to the chair was a pair of boots. On top of the pile of clothes was some black boxers. Someone was in the pond. And whoever it was, they were naked. Her stupid pulse quickened at the thought of seeing Victor naked.
Her heart almost thumped out of her chest when his head broke through the water. It really was him out there. His head jerked in her direction. For a second, she almost thought he could see her.
She was cloaked. No one, other than another witch from her coven, could see her. So why was he staring directly at her? Her first response was to retreat. She forced herself to remain where she was.
And she was glad she did, because he turned away and stared up at the night sky. She followed his gaze. The sky was clear. Stars twinkled down at them. The moon was… full. Her gaze scanned the surroundings.
No wonder it was so quiet. The shifters had gone to lower ground. Right now, they were probably out hunting in their jaguar form. That was something Colin told her they did every full moon. A few stayed behind to protect the territory.
Her gaze jerked back to the pond. Apparently, Victor was on protective duty this full moon. His head had disappeared once more under the water. When he arose again, he stared in her direction.
He shook his head and then dove back under the water. A tingle raced down her spine. Did he sense her here? She sniffed herself. Sure, she was wearing perfume, but she was cloaked.
He shouldn’t be able to smell or see her. She leaned against a tree. He couldn’t see her. She was just nervous. He wasn’t looking at her, he was looking at his territory, protecting it. Like he was supposed to.
He began swimming back to land. She braced herself for what she was about to see. She’d always wondered what he looked like naked. In her dreams, he had abs of steel. And his cock was long and stayed hard, all the time.
She prayed reality would be different. She wanted him to look like a normal human being. Maybe a little pudge in the midsection. Perhaps his cock was smaller than imagined. Maybe he had scrawny legs.
That wouldn’t make him unattractive, it would make him normal. Like her. And she really wanted him to be normal. Like her. Normal meant he was no better than she was. That way, she wouldn’t have to feel so… inadequate around him.
He stepped from the water looking like he’d been carved from stone. Every inch of him was hard. Even his cock. Seriously, did he have to be that big down there? All of that wasn’t necessary.
He would still be able to satisfy a woman with half of that. He could give a few inches to the needy. The men in the itty-bitty committee. Men like her ex, Tanner, who wasn’t even a third of Victor’s size.
It wasn’t only his cock that was impressive. He actually had those abs of steel she dreamed about. He was perfect. Out of her league. Not that she wanted him anyway. Still, it sucked to realize he was just as perfect out of her dreams as he was in them.
Water dripped from his body. Oh, how she envied those tiny droplets of water. Every perfect inch of him was headed in her direction. She swallowed and prayed her cloaking spell didn’t fail.
Please don’t see me, she whispered as he stared directly at her.


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Christmas Wish List w/ Jackson and Tinsley from Wicked Fantasies. #FantasyDiary #PNR #IRromance


Happy Friday!
All December long, I’ll be sharing my characters’ Christmas wish lists. First up, Jackson and Tinsley from my paranormal romance, Wicked Fantasies. They’re going to share with you 3 things from their Christmas wish list. (P.S. I am not responsible for what they say.) Enjoy!


Tinsley and Jackson…

Tinsley: My three Christmas wishes are simple. First off, I wish for world peace.

Jackson: Hold up, babe. Let me stop you there. I think she wants us to wish for things we can actually get.

Tinsley: World peace is possible.

Jackson: Have you looked at the news lately? Just saying…

Tinsley: Okay, well, I wish that mankind would be more loving and caring to each other.

Jackson: I have to stop you again.

Tinsley: What now, Jackson?

Jackson: We have enough going on with angels, demons, witches and such, maybe we should focus on us and less on mankind. They can take care of themselves.

Tinsley: See, that’s where we differ. I want to protect everyone, humans and supernaturals.

Jackson: I just think humans should be left alone to fend for….

SIREN: Guys, this is an interview. The public is reading every word you say. And guess what, most of them are humans. Can you act a little more professional?

Jackson: Whoa, Siren. This is who I am. I’m not about to change for humans. Don’t…

SIREN: Please behave. Please. Just for today.

Jackson: Since you said please and since you’re one of the few humans I like, I’ll behave. Go ahead Tinsley. Tell the humans what’s on your Christmas wish list.

Tinsley: Okay, let me try this again. I wish for world peace. For humans and supernaturals. I wish me and my mate could have some alone time before the battle that’s coming starts.

Jackson: I like that wish.

Tinsley: I knew you would. My last wish, is that we win this battle. There’s so many lives at stake, humans and supernaturals. I hope we’re able to defeat the darkness that’s coming and I hope we don’t let it consume us and turn us dark too.

Jackson: I won’t let you turn dark baby. We got this.

Tinsley: Thanks. Now, what are your three wishes?

Jackson: I wish our friends and family would stop coming around so much. I want time alone with you so I can fuc…

Tinsley: Language!

Jackson: Oh right. Humans are reading this. I would like for our peeps to stay away so I can make you come all day and all night with no interruptions.

Tinsley: Jackson, that’s not the kind of stuff you’re supposed to wish for.

Jackson: Okay. Okay. I have two more wishes. I wish you would stop wearing panties. That way, you won’t yell at me every time I rip a pair of them off of you.

Tinsley: TMI!

Jackson: Okay. Here’s my last wish. I wish this interview was over so I could bend you over the nearest piece of furniture and lick that sweet pus….

Tinsley: Babe! T.M.I. Seriously.

Jackson: I was just kidding. I like seeing you blush. Even though I do plan to bend you over and soon, my last wish is for the safety of us and our families as we head into the battle to come. Yeah, we’ve fought in many battles, but this one is different. This one feels different. We have so much to lose. We’ve made new friends along the way, found love, met new family members. I don’t want to lose any of them. I especially don’t want to lose you. So, my main wish for this Christmas is for safety for those I love. Starting with the witch right next to me.

Tinsley: Awww, baby, that’s the perfect wish.

Jackson: I thought you’d like that. If you want, I can show you what my other wish is.

Tinsley: You mean tell me.

Jackson: No, I mean show you. Let’s go. This interview is cutting into my alone time with you.

Tinsley: Thanks for the interview Siren and thank you to all the humans who are reading this. Happy Holidays.

Jackson: Yeah, what my mate said. Let’s go babe.


Well, I hope you enjoyed the interview with Jackson and Tinsley. Tinsley is a sweetheart. But… Jackson has a one track mind. Especially when his mate is around. Next week, I’ll be releasing my holiday paranormal and you’ll get to meet the characters and see what’s on their holiday wish list. Until then, have a safe and happy weekend.


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Oh, and if you entered the Wicked Fantasies Giveaway, get ready, the winners will be announced tomorrow!


A Witch For Christmas will be available next week!

All she wants for Christmas is a certain shifter in her bed.
All he wants for Christmas is a curvy witch to call his own.
This Christmas, maybe they’ll both get what they want!
For more about the book: https://sirenallen.com/sirens-naughty-novellas/