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Witches Say The Darndest Things Part 2. #Giveaway #WitchesDoItBetter


Hello. Happy Wicked Wednesday and welcome to, Witches Say The Darndest Things. I’m the head witch in charge, Siren Allen and all month long I’m sharing scenes from my paranormal novels that feature witches.

Today, I’m sharing a scene from my naughty fairy tale, Cinderella And The Wolf Prince. Trust me, you’ve never met a Cinderella like this one. Don’t believe me? Continue reading to find out. Enjoy!

cinderella and the wolf princeAmazon

Wulf St. Jamison is a cursed prince who’s finally found his princess. Or, at least, he thought he had. After spending one night in his masked female’s arms, he awakes to find her missing from his bed and from his life. No one seems to know who she is or where she came from. Was she real or just a creature his broken mind conjured up?

Cinderella Dupont only has two more months of servitude before she’s free to claim her inheritance and leave her hateful stepfamily behind. After playing the role of obedient daughter for so long, she craves one night of pleasure. She finds that in the arms of a handsome stranger, only to find out later that he’s the prince.
When he shows up at her door, she assumes he’s figured out that she’s the female behind the mask. That’s not the case. He’s there to hire her, the most powerful tracker witch in the land, to help him find his mate.


Unable to say no to the prince, she pretends to help him search for the female he claims he’s unable to let go. Working by his side, day after day, she finds herself falling for him and toying with the idea of telling him who she really is.

As dark forces descend upon them, will he forgive her for her deception? Or will her stepmother’s vile declarations turn him against her forever?

Especially since everything her stepmother says about her is true.


She was growing more and more nervous by the minute.
Thankfully, Kara was seated next to her. If her friend wasn’t there, Cindi had no idea how she would be able to endure being this close to him. Her mysterious lover. The long-lost prince.

She couldn’t believe she’d slept with the long-lost prince. Wulf had barely said a word. But he kept making growling noises, that had her feeling both scared and strangely excited.

“Sorry to interrupt your girls’ night,” Quentin said. “But, this couldn’t wait. I even skipped breakfast to rush here. The staff usually has some pastries out. This morning, they didn’t. How disappointing. Don’t you hate it when there are no pastries?”

“Yep. That’s what we hate,” Cinderella muttered under her breath.

Wulf chuckled. The first non-growling noise he’d made. Somehow, it still sounded like it had come from an animal. She loved it. Wait. No, she didn’t.
Clearing her throat, she said, “Sorry, Sir Quentin, but I would really like to lie down.”

Yeah, she sucked when it came to hosting royals. Kara was no better than her.

“Perhaps you should just tell Cindi what you want her to do,” Kara said.

“Right.” Quentin rubbed his hands over his blue pants.

He looked so professional, like a royal should. Wulf. Cindi glanced in his direction to find him staring down at the floor. He looked unkempt. His hair hadn’t been combed. His shirt wasn’t buttoned properly and his shoes were untied.

Who wore tennis shoes with a suit? Yet, he made it work. He looked delicious. Oh no, she was starting to feel aroused. His gaze swung to hers. He inhaled, nose flaring. Time stopped.

It didn’t slow down. It stopped completely. That little voice in her head, the one focused on self-preservation, screamed for her to run. She didn’t have to. Because Wulf stood up, and stormed from the room, knocking her vase to the floor in his haste.

The others in the room sat there, too stunned to speak. Of course, it was Quentin who found his voice first.

“My cousin needs some air. He uh, doesn’t like to be in confined spaces for a long period of time.”

“He’s only been sitting here five minutes,” Kara pointed out.

Cindi glanced at her friend. “But, he’s spent years, centuries, in a cage. Being here, in this time, will take some getting used to.”

Understanding dawned in Kara’s eyes. “I didn’t even think about that. Poor thing. Will he be alright?”

“He will. In time. The queen and I believe that him finding a mate is a good thing. Maybe this female will help him feel more at home in the present. You know, help him feel grounded, like he belongs.”

“He feels like he doesn’t belong?” Cindi asked.

“This is all new to him. Some of our slang, some of our day to day activities, are foreign to him. He just needs a little time to catch on. And now that he’s found his mate, he needs her. A mated wolf will go mad if he doesn’t have his mate by his side.”

Broomsticks. All this time she’d been selfishly thinking of herself, not realizing that he would suffer. In her defense, she hadn’t realized it was the lost prince she was sleeping with. However, that changed nothing.

She still didn’t want to be mated to him. She had her own life. She wanted to live it the way she’d planned. She’d been waiting to be free for so long.
One night of pleasure wasn’t going to rip her dreams from her. Not now. Not ever. She was a witch. She would find a way to help Wulf and retain her freedom. There had to be a way.

She just needed time to think. Without him around. Because seeing him, it made letting him go, hard. And it wasn’t supposed to be hard. She’d only spent one night with him. Geez! Kara bumped her leg.


Kara chuckled. “Sir Quentin asked you a question.”

Her friend was finding this entertaining. Cindi focused her attention on Quentin. “Sorry, sir. I was lost in thought. Thinking of all the horrors, Sir Wulf must’ve faced.”

“No worries, Cinderella. This situation has been difficult for us all. I was saying, well, I want to ask you to help him find his mate. But, you must keep this between us. Your stepmother must not know. I know you and Lady Katherine are not that close.”

“Never had been. Never will be.”

“Good. I mean, well, good is what I mean. She too is looking for the girl.”

“What?” Cindi and Kara both screamed in unison.

“Why?” Cindi asked. “How does she even know the girl exists?”

“What does she plan to do with the girl?” Kara asked.

“According to someone I trust, she’s going to use the female to set an example. The girl wasn’t supposed to be working the room she was in. I guess she was making money on the side. Lady Katherine will punish her for that. Then she’ll hand her over to Wulf, if he pays the mate price.”

“I’d forgotten about the mate price,” Cindi groaned. “Which is a small fortune.”

“The money isn’t an issue. If Lady Katherine harms Wulf’s mate, I fear he will lose it. He hasn’t… his mind isn’t… he’s not well. He will be. In time. If his mate is harmed, there’s a chance he’ll destroy the mansion and every witch in it. Then he’ll proceed to destroy every witch, wizard and wolf in the kingdom. If he tries that, he’ll have to be put down.”

“Sh*t,” Cindi muttered under her breath.

“This went from bad to worse in less than one minute,” Kara stated.

“There’s hope.” Quentin scooted to the edge of the couch and clasped his hands together. “We’ll find her first. Once Wulf has her, he won’t let anyone hurt her. And if we have to pay more than the asked for mate price to appease Lady Katherine, we will.”

Cindi sighed. “You really want Wulf to find his mate, don’t you?”

“I want him to find happiness. He deserves it, after all he’s been through.”
Cindi nodded. Guilt was eating away at her.

“We’d be happy to help,” Kara volunteered them both. “Right, Cindi?”

Plastering a fake smile on her face, Cindi agreed. “Of course. We just need something that belongs to his mate to use in our tracker spell.”

“Right,” Quentin agreed. “We have something. Or, he has something.”

“He does?” If they kept talking in unison, Sir Quentin would begin to suspect something.

“He does. However, he won’t show it to me. Only to you, since you’re doing the spell.”

What could he possibly have? Fates, please don’t let it be what I think it is. She could feel Kara glaring at her. Refusing to look in her friend’s direction, she kept her gaze on Sir Quentin.

“Whatever it is he has, I need it, so I can begin the spell.”

“Do you know how long it will take to track her down?”

“Um.” Cindi fiddled with the edges of her shirt. She really hated lying. And wolves could sense those kinds of things. “I can’t say for sure. I know wolves have great noses. If he hasn’t been able to sniff her out, that must mean she’s hiding.”

“Yes, but only because she fears Katherine.”

“Right. A witch who doesn’t want to be found, won’t be easy to track down. Therefore, I can’t give you a definite answer.” There, that was the truth.

“Understood. I’ll go get Wulf, so he can give you whatever item of hers he has.”

Cindi kept her eyes on Quentin as he stood up and walked out of her living room. She kept staring in the direction he’d went until she heard the front door open then close. Only then did she turn to Kara.

“I have totally f*cked up,” Cindi whispered loudly.

“Witch, you are f*cked to the moon and back.”

“What am I supposed to do?”

“I don’t know. What does he have of yours?”

“It can only be one thing.”

“The panties.”

“Those damn panties. Broomsticks.”

“This has to be the Fates bringing you two together.”

“Shut your mouth. Never say that again. The Fates wouldn’t do this to me. They know my heart and my dreams. I’ve suffered too much for them to do this to me.”

“But he’s here. With your panties.”

“You say that like he’s here with a wedding ring.”

“No, that’s what the humans across the ocean use. I guess wolves use underwear.”

“You’re not funny. None of this is funny.”

“You have to admit it, it’s kind of funny.”


“A tad bit.”


“A smudge.”

“Witch, no. This is a catastrophe. Be quiet. They’re coming back in.”


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If you’ve read, Mate Of Ice, you’ve already met Ciera and her mate. Now it’s time for you to find out how these two got together. You may think you know Ciera, but you have no idea how powerful she is. Find out in a few days!


Christmas Wish List w/ Jackson and Tinsley from Wicked Fantasies. #FantasyDiary #PNR #IRromance


Happy Friday!
All December long, I’ll be sharing my characters’ Christmas wish lists. First up, Jackson and Tinsley from my paranormal romance, Wicked Fantasies. They’re going to share with you 3 things from their Christmas wish list. (P.S. I am not responsible for what they say.) Enjoy!


Tinsley and Jackson…

Tinsley: My three Christmas wishes are simple. First off, I wish for world peace.

Jackson: Hold up, babe. Let me stop you there. I think she wants us to wish for things we can actually get.

Tinsley: World peace is possible.

Jackson: Have you looked at the news lately? Just saying…

Tinsley: Okay, well, I wish that mankind would be more loving and caring to each other.

Jackson: I have to stop you again.

Tinsley: What now, Jackson?

Jackson: We have enough going on with angels, demons, witches and such, maybe we should focus on us and less on mankind. They can take care of themselves.

Tinsley: See, that’s where we differ. I want to protect everyone, humans and supernaturals.

Jackson: I just think humans should be left alone to fend for….

SIREN: Guys, this is an interview. The public is reading every word you say. And guess what, most of them are humans. Can you act a little more professional?

Jackson: Whoa, Siren. This is who I am. I’m not about to change for humans. Don’t…

SIREN: Please behave. Please. Just for today.

Jackson: Since you said please and since you’re one of the few humans I like, I’ll behave. Go ahead Tinsley. Tell the humans what’s on your Christmas wish list.

Tinsley: Okay, let me try this again. I wish for world peace. For humans and supernaturals. I wish me and my mate could have some alone time before the battle that’s coming starts.

Jackson: I like that wish.

Tinsley: I knew you would. My last wish, is that we win this battle. There’s so many lives at stake, humans and supernaturals. I hope we’re able to defeat the darkness that’s coming and I hope we don’t let it consume us and turn us dark too.

Jackson: I won’t let you turn dark baby. We got this.

Tinsley: Thanks. Now, what are your three wishes?

Jackson: I wish our friends and family would stop coming around so much. I want time alone with you so I can fuc…

Tinsley: Language!

Jackson: Oh right. Humans are reading this. I would like for our peeps to stay away so I can make you come all day and all night with no interruptions.

Tinsley: Jackson, that’s not the kind of stuff you’re supposed to wish for.

Jackson: Okay. Okay. I have two more wishes. I wish you would stop wearing panties. That way, you won’t yell at me every time I rip a pair of them off of you.

Tinsley: TMI!

Jackson: Okay. Here’s my last wish. I wish this interview was over so I could bend you over the nearest piece of furniture and lick that sweet pus….

Tinsley: Babe! T.M.I. Seriously.

Jackson: I was just kidding. I like seeing you blush. Even though I do plan to bend you over and soon, my last wish is for the safety of us and our families as we head into the battle to come. Yeah, we’ve fought in many battles, but this one is different. This one feels different. We have so much to lose. We’ve made new friends along the way, found love, met new family members. I don’t want to lose any of them. I especially don’t want to lose you. So, my main wish for this Christmas is for safety for those I love. Starting with the witch right next to me.

Tinsley: Awww, baby, that’s the perfect wish.

Jackson: I thought you’d like that. If you want, I can show you what my other wish is.

Tinsley: You mean tell me.

Jackson: No, I mean show you. Let’s go. This interview is cutting into my alone time with you.

Tinsley: Thanks for the interview Siren and thank you to all the humans who are reading this. Happy Holidays.

Jackson: Yeah, what my mate said. Let’s go babe.


Well, I hope you enjoyed the interview with Jackson and Tinsley. Tinsley is a sweetheart. But… Jackson has a one track mind. Especially when his mate is around. Next week, I’ll be releasing my holiday paranormal and you’ll get to meet the characters and see what’s on their holiday wish list. Until then, have a safe and happy weekend.


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All she wants for Christmas is a certain shifter in her bed.
All he wants for Christmas is a curvy witch to call his own.
This Christmas, maybe they’ll both get what they want!
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#WickedWednesday: Step Into The Darkness with Celeste and Rip. #FdUpFairyTales #SirensTales #ParanormalRomance


Happy hump day! It’s Wicked Wednesday and today I’m sharing an excerpt from my naughty fairy tale, Into The Darkness. The story revolves around the relationship between a beautiful but borderline psychotic witch and a sexy but cursed witch hunter. I love Celeste and Rip. I think you will too. Enjoy this wicked excerpt.

Castle in the swamp.

Once Upon A Time…

There lived a witch by the name of Celeste Dubois, who was tired of her sister witches disturbing her eternal slumber with their cries. Lately, they all called out to her with the same plea, ‘stop Rip Van Warren, the witch hunter’. Unable to ignore their cries, she lures Rip into her world, where she keeps him as her prisoner for twenty years. She had every intention of torturing him for those twenty years. But the heart wants what the heart wants.

For twenty years Rip Van Warren is held captive by a beautiful bayou witch. He should hate her. However, their time together has made him rethink his vendetta against witches. All of his life he thought magic was evil. Celeste has taught him that it’s a gift to be treasured, almost as much as he treasures her.

When an unexpected threat enters their lives, Celeste is forced to send him back to his own world in order to protect him. He awakens in the middle of the swamp, confused and dazed. His memories of the last twenty years are foggy. Yet, there’s one person he’ll never forget, the witch he left behind. He’s desperately seeking a way back to her. However, the witches of New Orleans aren’t willing to help a famous witch hunter.

Will the dark witch and the dark hunter have their happily ever after?
Or will he return too late to save the witch he loves?

Beautiful african woman in the studio


“Rip, can I ask for one more thing?”
“What do you want now witch, my kidneys?” He joked.
“Nothing that important. But, would you mind washing my back?”
Rip coughed. Why? He had no idea.
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah…” he coughed some more. “I swallowed wrong.” He cleared his throat. “I’m good.”
“You sure?”
“Yeah, I’m good.”
“Okay. Will you wash my back for me, please?”
He knew witches. He’d studied them all his life. He knew this was a trick of some sort. That didn’t stop him from agreeing.
“Yes, witch, I’ll wash your back.”
He took a step back when he saw her silhouette pulling the shower curtain back. Down boy, he whispered to his body. She’s a witch. There’s no telling what she has up her sleeve. Proceed with caution.
She moved the curtain out of the way, revealing her back to him. She was seated in the tub and all he could see was her shoulders and upper back.
“You can’t do it from way over there,” she called over her shoulder.
Rip realized he’d taken three steps back. He took a deep breath then walked forward until he stood at the edge of the tub, staring down at her. Bubbles shielded her body from his view. Rip sent up a silent prayer, thanking his maker for bubbles.
He didn’t want to see her naked. Not one inch of her. She lifted her knees and part of her thighs peeked through the water. He balled his hands into fists. He could wash the back of one small witch without losing his shit.
She lifted this puff ball out of the water. A red loofah. Rip knelt behind the tub, bringing his face level with the back of her head. As he reached for the loofah, he closed his eyes and inhaled her scent. Intoxicating.
Their hands touched when he grasped the loofah. A jolt of electricity sizzled between them. His already hard cock jerked. Thankfully, with her back to him, she couldn’t see his reaction to her.
Rip pulled the loofah from her hand. She leaned forward and tilted her head down, revealing more of her back to him. He wanted to touch her, not with the loofah, with his hands. He wanted to rub his fingers over her skin to see if it was as smooth as it looked.
She lifted her hair from her shoulder. Droplets of water ran down her back then disappeared beneath the bubbles.
“Something wrong?”
“Oh, okay.”
Rip dipped the loofah in the water then proceeded to rub it across her shoulders. The thing was so small in his grasp, more of his hand was touching her than loofah. She didn’t say anything, and he didn’t want to stop touching her, so he kept going.
He dipped the loofah into the water again and then squeezed it over her shoulders, allowing it to drip down her back. He rubbed it over her back, lathering her flesh, then dipping the loofah into the water and dripping it over her skin to remove the suds.
He focused on her neck as he worked, fearing if he stared anywhere else, he’d embarrass himself in front of her. Once he was done, he stretched his arm out.
“Done. Here’s your loofah.”
She didn’t take it. Instead, she stared over her shoulder at him, her brown gaze meeting his.
“You’re not done.”
“You haven’t washed my whole back.”
“I can’t reach….”
She stood up in the tub.
He forgot how to breathe.

Beautiful african woman in the studio

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The Plot by Melinda De Ross #InLust #Suspense #Romance #MarchMadness


Happy first day of March and welcome to the Madly In Lust Blog Event. Today’s Madly In Lust author is Melinda De Ross and she’s sharing a steamy scene from her romantic suspense novel, The Plot. Enjoy and be sure to enter the Madly In Lust giveaway!



At eighteen, Yoko Hirano falls into the tentacles of a human trafficking organization and is forced into prostitution. Her first sexual experience is close to a rape, so she becomes traumatized and her opinions about men are low and unflattering. She uses her charms only as means of manipulation.

Four years later she meets the tall, dark and charming antique dealer Mark Chandler. They both acknowledge reluctantly the complicated chemistry between them, but Yoko’s grand scheme of things doesn’t involve falling in love, nor does she think Mark would want her if he found out about her past. To get revenge and prevent other girls from sharing her fate, she plans to ruin the Chinese triad that has destroyed her life and innocence.

However, she doesn’t realize that Mark can be an asset in her plans of bringing down the powerful mobster Michael Chen and his interlopers. Together, they make a quite formidable pair…


“I’m not a porcelain doll, Mark. Please don’t treat me as one. Kiss me like you mean it.”

He needed no further encouragement to draw her against him and lower his mouth on hers, with a low sound of need and desire. His tongue slid boldly between her lips and was welcomed by her own. This primal mating ritual made her body yield and gravitate toward him, as he lowered her onto her back and his body half-covered hers.

As their mouths played carnal games, she could feel his erection against her hip, straining the fabric of his jeans. Oddly, she didn’t feel repulsed or afraid, but felt an acute need to get closer, to fit against him, around him.
Suddenly, he tore his mouth away from hers, breathing heavily.

His eyes were smoky with arousal and his struggle for self control was almost palpable when he said gruffly, “I’d better go.”

She didn’t hesitate this time when she looked up into his face.
“Stay,” she pleaded.

He stared at her inquisitively for a long moment before he asked, “Are you sure?”

Yoko didn’t need words to convey her feelings. She slid her fingers up through his hair and drew his mouth back to hers. Her decision of abandoning herself to him completely had been taken long ago.

He kissed her passionately, sending his tongue deep into her mouth and making shivers of arousal run through her body. His weight on top of her was something wonderful and thrilling.

She dragged his jacket off his shoulders and threw it on the floor, letting her hands drift over him, enjoying the ripple of his back muscles. The ends of his hair fell over her forehead, and she was amazed that even this feathery touch could bring her pleasure.

When he brushed his lips and teeth over her neck, her bones seemed to liquefy and she dug her fingers into his hard biceps. She was overwhelmed by his virility, which made her extremely aware of her own femininity. She sensed he was still restraining himself and appreciated the gesture, even as it frustrated her.

His hand glided down to cup her breast, caressing it with soft, sinuous motions. When his mouth descended to the distended peak and surrounded it through the soft material of her dress, a moan vibrated in her throat.

Mark’s hand found the zipper at her back and tugged at it, slowly peeling the fabric off her shoulders, torso and arms, his lips and tongue discovering every inch of skin revealed.

Before she even realized it, the dress was gone and she was left in a pair of white lace panties. Mark knelt on the bed to gaze at her, and she was enthralled, lost in his dark eyes.

“You’re beautiful,” he said. “I want you so much. But I don’t want to use you, Yoko. I want you because you’re beautiful, and sweet, and smart, and sexy. I want to love you, to worship you. I want to give myself to you, completely.”

Her chest tightened with emotion. She was spellbound by his words and by his gaze locked on hers. When he began unbuttoning his shirt, all she could think of was how gorgeous he was and how much she loved him. His chest was broad and powerful, sexily dusted with dark hair.

His muscles were subtly defined under the taut, tanned skin. She yearned to graze her teeth over his dark nipples and trace the fine lines that delineated his hard pectorals and flat abdomen. Even his navel looked delicious. She longed to dip her tongue into it.

When he stretched out over her again and took her mouth, she knew she was giving him not only her body, but her soul as well. Decades from now she would remember and cherish this moment. She reached down and unbuckled his belt, then unzipped his jeans and helped him discard them, leaving him in nothing but a pair of black boxers.

Even that was too much, in her opinion. His strong thighs fit between her own and she pressed herself to his rigid erection, in an instinctive movement that made her blood run hot and her sex become damp.

A low groan escaped from Mark’s chest to hers, as he continued kissing her hungrily. His hands were all over her. He renewed the path of kisses down her body, making her gasp with excitement.

When he reached the waistband of her panties, he slipped them off her legs, then traced kisses up her thighs until his breath hovered over her center. An indescribable shiver jolted through her at the first touch of his mouth, and she tensed.

Mark sensed the movement. He looked up, his hands still holding her hips.
“What’s the matter?”

Yoko’s breaths were rapid and choppy. She knew she didn’t make any sense when she said, “I never… I mean, no one’s ever… You don’t have to…”

A smile stretched his sensual mouth.
“I’m glad to hear that I’m the first one to kiss your lips. Twice,” he added wickedly and bent his head over her.

She didn’t manage to utter any coherent sounds after that, lost in the mind-blowing sensations his mouth was coaxing from her body. His tongue flicked and stroked, circled and soothed until she surrendered completely, letting the wave of pleasure rise and carry her with it to the first peak of fulfillment she’d ever experienced.

It was several dazed moments later her ears stopped ringing and she stared up at Mark, who was kissing her mouth gently.

“God, this was… I’ve never…” she repeated, feeling silly for not making any sense.

But he just smiled down at her and laid a kiss on the tip of her nose.
“I know.”

She realized his sex was still hard and throbbing, pressing against her lower abdomen. To her astonishment, fresh desire pumped through her and she adjusted their bodies so the tip of his penis slipped inside her. His breath accelerated, but he only pushed an inch into her, as though trying to control himself. She could feel him quivering with need and hot-blooded arousal.

“Don’t hold back,” she whispered and lowered her hands to his buttocks, drawing him deeper.

Pleasure arrowed through her when he slid inside her with a gruff moan. He began to move, tentatively at first, then harder, faster, deeper. With each thrust he touched chords she didn’t know she possessed, until a brain-melting orgasm jolted through her from head to toe, just as she felt him climax deep inside her. They held on to one another as waves of unspeakable satisfaction shook them both, echoing from one’s body to the other and back in the exquisite aftermath.

It was a long while before Yoko managed to turn her head to her lover’s ear and whisper, “Now I know why they call it ‘making love’.”


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Melinda De Ross is an international author of Romanian origin. She writes in two languages, and her books combine the elegance specific to the European style with the modern appeal of the American culture. She has a Law degree and has been a professional target shooter for over a decade. Her favorite genre to read and write in is Romance, and anytime she prefers to watch a classic movie instead of going to a noisy club.
She loves to hear from her readers, and you can find her at:


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#ThisorThat with Camilla Jackson aka THE JOB BLOWER #Romantic #Comedy

This or That with Camilla Jackson aka THE JOB BLOWER:

Summer or Winter:

Summer! I’m a sunny girl, in all regards. I like the sun, the beach, skimpy clothes and fragrant summer nights. I should move someplace where it’s forever summer. But since I flunked Geography, I’m not sure where that is… :-/

Chocolate or Peanut butter:

Definitely chocolate. I’m probably the only American who HATES peanut butter. Will I be sued or something?

One night stands or Committed relationship:

I’ve never had a one night stand in my life. I believe in commitment, love, respect, and long term relationships. Even in soul mates, since I met Carter. Yeah, I’m a “Kodak moments” kinda girl! 🙂



Camilla Jackson is an ordinary young woman with an extraordinary knack for attracting disaster. When she is fired from her job as a secretary at a law firm, she realizes she has no idea what she wants to do next. Every job she does land ends up tragi-comically.
But when she meets the drop-dead-gorgeous journalist, Carter Evans, her life seems to brighten. Until she discovers that he hides some very deep and painful scars.
It remains to be seen if she will be able to help him heal and, in the process, find her own path in life. That is, if she manages to overcome her accident prone nature, which gets her into serious trouble…

ღ★ THE JOB BLOWER is a lighthearted, laugh-out-loud Romantic Comedy, the kind of book that you will keep in your bookshelf and reread to brighten your days and spice up your nights. ★ღ

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Melinda De Ross is an international author of Romanian origin. She writes in two languages, and her books combine the elegance specific to the European style with the modern appeal of the American culture. She has a Law degree and has been a professional target shooter for over a decade. Her favorite genre to read and write in is Romance, and anytime she prefers to watch a classic movie instead of going to a noisy club. She loves to hear from her readers, and you can find her at:

Nerd Girls on a #WickedWednesday


Nerd girls can be wicked also! Today I’m sharing a long excerpt from my light romantic comedy, The Makeover. Enjoy!

“Next year, I’ll let you pick out your own costume.”
“Next year?”
“Yeah, they do this every year. I plan to be here. I am verbally requesting it off, right now.”
“So you’re telling me I have to let Christy work at my clinic again next year. Do you know how hard working with her is?”
“Nope, I’ve never worked with her before. But I know she’s a sweetheart and I left her a list of detailed instructions, so your day couldn’t have been that bad.”
“She didn’t listen to a word I said.”
“Hmm.” That was the only sound she made in response as Chad turned her hand over and began massaging her wrist.
“I asked her to make me a pot of coffee around one, and do you know what she said?”
“Hmm,” again, she could only make a noise. She knew where this was going.
“She told me I’d already had two cups and I should drink more water. So instead of making me a pot of coffee she brought me a bottle of water. Can you believe that?”
April stayed silent.
“Then, around three I wanted an afternoon snack. I buzzed her and asked if she could pop me a doughnut into the microwave for twenty seconds and bring it to me. She brought me a banana. A freaking banana. She’s completely insane.”
Should she tell him?
Perhaps she should.
She couldn’t have him blaming Christy for following the orders she’d left her. She couldn’t believe after months of working together he hadn’t caught on to her weekly routine yet.
“Um, well Christy’s weird behavior may have been my fault.”
Chad stopped massaging her.
“Well,” April stretched the word out.
“Well what, April?”
“Well I left her instructions.”
“I know, instructions on how to do your job, not instructions on how to drive me crazy.”
“Yeah, about that.”
“April, what did you do?”
“Well, I have this routine.”
“You and your routines, is your whole life scheduled, plotted and planned.”
“Yes, yes it is. I already have my underwear picked out for the week.”
She felt him tense up behind her. His arms tightened around her, just a little, not enough to cause discomfort.
“I like to keep things organized so I don’t forget stuff. Sorry, I’m just that way.”
“What panties do you have picked out for tomorrow?”
“A pair of pink ones with lace in the back, they’re super cute.”
“What kind do you have on now?”
“A pair of…”
Wait, she couldn’t believe she was sitting here discussing her panties with her boss. Well, technically he was her man now, so that kind of made it okay. April blushed. Damn it.
“April, what kind of panties do you have on?”
“Um, a pair of black ones. I had to wear thongs tonight because I didn’t want my panty line to show through my outfit.”
He groaned… for obvious reasons.
She groaned in embarrassment. Why had she told him that? He didn’t need to know about panty lines and thongs. Gosh April get a hold of yourself. Maybe there was something in that grape hotness that was making her act like this. No more grape hotness for her.
“Anyway,” April waved a hand in the air, determined to move away from the topic of underwear. “Like I was saying…”
“I have on boxers.” Chad said, out of the blue.
What the what?
Why were they still discussing underwear?
“I figured I’d share what I had on since you shared what you had on. That way we could both be embarrassed together.”
April burst out laughing. In a weird ‘this is too much’ kind of way, him sharing that information was sweet.
“Thanks for sharing. So you can tell I got embarrassed huh? Was it the blushing? I swear I can’t make it stop, no matter how hard I try.”
“Yeah, the blush always gives you away.”
“I should be comfortable discussing almost anything considering I’ve been playing with sex toys all day.”
“You’ve been what?”
“Playing with sex toys, oh, that sounds bad doesn’t it?”
“April, who have you been playing with sex toys with?”
“My roommates.”
“Your,” Chad started to cough.
April sat up and turned to face him. She patted his chest because she couldn’t reach his back.
“I’m fine,” he told her. “Why were you and your roommates playing with sex toys? Is there something you want to tell me?”
“Yes, there is, I’m trying to explain why it may have seemed like Christy was acting strange.” She placed her finger to his lips, silencing him when he attempted to speak. “As for the sex toys, my roommate works at a sex store and her boss wants her to host a toy party for a bride this weekend. I’m helping her, so we were going over our party plans today. Now, no more talking about sex toys and underwear, okay?”
Chad grinned against her finger. A tingle began in her belly and spread to other more interesting parts of her body. Wow, a grin can do that?


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