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Blood and Gold (Wictred Book 2) by Anais Morgan #Dark and #Delicious


She will feed them or die. Or both.

Just when eighteen-year-old Mary Scott is ready to go to culinary school, she’s captured and held prisoner by The Order-a religious group that sells humans to vampires. Mary is sent to become the blood slave to the Wictreds, a family of three vampires. There’s Deacon, the gentleman with a short temper, Solomon, sarcastic one with some serious mood swings, and Cain, the child-like one that has a problem with self control. Her only hope is to escape, but she has a single chance. If she’s caught she’ll be killed to keep her silent.

As time passes, Mary’s days become numbered. After all, she has only so much blood. The longer she’s in the house, the more time she spends with Solomon. When he’s not toying with her, he’s actually a nice guy and protects her from his brothers. Mary loves his company and soon his presence makes her heart flutter. But humans and vampires must be separate, and Deacon will do anything to keep the family honor intact.

Deacon liked them small and frail. He reveled in the idea of being so much stronger than his meal. Solomon had wanted a beautiful girl for so long. The last few slaves had been as ugly as a fucking dog.
It was going to be nice to have a pretty little thing in the house.
When he licked her hand, he tasted it. She was different. Pure. No medicine in her blood, no illnesses that would taint her. A virgin.
Solomon smiled as he thought of his Virgin Mary. Such a cute name for a cute woman. She was young, at least eighteen, but not much older. How crazy was it going to be that he’d have someone other than his twin in the house?
And one like her. That pink hair. Those carved cheekbones. Those full lips. And oh, those chocolate eyes. Virgin Mary promised to be fun.
And Solomon couldn’t wait to toy with his new plaything.


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