Best Friends Are Forever! #NerdGirls #TheMakeover


~Check out this excerpt from The Makeover. #BestFriendsForever~

Nicole came back into the bathroom.
“He’s waiting in the living room,” she whispered. “I had no idea he was that handsome. Like a blond Adonis. I should write about him, no wait, we don’t like him anymore. I could make him a villain or something.”

April smiled. Yes, he was handsome. She didn’t have to see him to know he was the epitome of perfection. April took a deep breath… she could do this.

“Look at me one more time, April,” Robyn told her. April turned to stare at her friend.

“What is your mission tonight?”

“My mission is to prove to Dr. Stewart and his uppity friends that I am no plain Jane.”

“How will you accomplish this mission?” Robyn asked.

“By summoning my inner Princess Leia and proving to my…” She didn’t finish her sentence because Nicole distracted her by raising her hand. “What is it, Nicole?”

“You forgot to say your inner diva.”

“Oh, that’s right. I plan to accomplish my mission by summoning my inner Princess Leia and my inner diva. Then I plan to prove to my boss and his high society friends that nerd girls have feelings too and that we are beautiful on the inside and the outside. I’m forgetting something…oh. I plan to make him suffer for having the audacity to think I wouldn’t find out about his little plan. Is there anything else?”

“Nope,” Nicole and Robyn both said.

Nicole gave her a quick hug. “Now go out there and make us proud. Wait, there is one more thing. You’re not mad at me for saying you dress like a peasant, are you?”

“A little bit,” April answered honestly.

“I apologize.”

“No need to apologize. You’re right. I don’t dress to impress. I dress to un-impress. I know that’s not a word, so don’t say anything. It’s just that I don’t like a lot of attention, good or bad. I dress to keep myself out of the way. It stems from years of getting picked on. I learned the more invisible I was, the less likely people would be mean to me. It’s something I’m working on and soon I will be just as confident in myself as you two ladies are. But it’s going to take some time.”

April grabbed Nicole’s hand. “Don’t ever feel bad for telling me the truth. That’s what friends are for.”

“That’s right, Nicole.” Robyn smiled. “Remember the time April told you that the braids you wore made you look like Jimmy Hendrix. For two weeks she called you Medusa. Oh, and remember your favorite orange tie-dye shirt, April said it looked like vomit. Oh and remember…”

“I get it,” Nicole rolled her eyes. “We are always brutally honest with each other. I get it. Back to the mission at hand, have fun April and make those haters eat their words.”

Her roommates raised their hands to salute her. She raised her hand and saluted them back. Her mission to prove her boss wrong had officially begun. He was expecting a plain Jane to emerge from the bathroom. That was not happening.

He was going to be surprised when he realized that underneath her shabby second hand clothing laid a young woman who refused to be stepped on or ill treated. Dr. Stewart was about to find out that consequences could be dire when you messed with a nerd girl and her best friends.


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