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Cover Reveal: Cinderella and the Wolf Prince. #SirensTales #NaughtyFairyTales #ParanormalRomance


Happy Friday!

Today, I am excited to reveal the cover of my naughty fairy tale, Cinderella and the Wolf Prince. It’s scheduled to be released September 23rd. Now, I know we’ve all heard the tale of Cinderella. But trust me, this is not the bedtime story your mother used to tell you. Cinderella does not lose a slipper at midnight. And her prince is more beast than man. You’ll learn more about them next month. Until then, enjoy the cover!

cinderella and the wolf princeAmazon


Wulf St. Jamison is a cursed prince who’s finally found his princess. Or, at least, he thought he had. After spending one night in his masked woman’s arms, he awakes to find her missing from his bed and from his life. No one seems to know who she is or where she came from. Was she real or just a creature his broken mind conjured up?


Cinderella Dupont only has two more weeks of servitude before she’s free to claim her inheritance and leave her hateful stepfamily behind. After playing the role of obedient daughter for so long, she craves one night of pleasure. She finds that in the arms of a handsome stranger, only to find out later that he’s the prince.


When he shows up at her door, she assumes he’s figured out she’s the woman behind the mask. That’s not the case. He’s there to hire her – the most powerful tracker witch in the land, to help him find the woman he’s searching for.

Unable to say no to the prince, she pretends to help him search for the woman he claims he’s unable to let go. Working by his side, day after day, she finds herself falling for him and toying with the idea of telling him who she really is.

Will he forgive her for her deception?
Or will her stepmother’s vile declaration turn him against her forever?


Cinderella and the Wolf Prince will be available on September 23rd. I can’t wait for you all to meet Wulf and Cin. Until then, fall in love with Rip and Celeste in book 1 of my fairy tale series, Into The Darkness.

Castle in the swamp.

Once Upon A Time…

There lived a witch by the name of Celeste Dubois, who was tired of her sister witches disturbing her eternal slumber with their cries. Lately, they all called out to her with the same plea, ‘stop Rip Van Warren, the witch hunter’. Unable to ignore their cries, she lures Rip into her world, where she keeps him as her prisoner for twenty years. She had every intention of torturing him for those twenty years. But the heart wants what the heart wants.

For twenty years Rip Van Warren is held captive by a beautiful bayou witch. He should hate her. However, their time together has made him rethink his vendetta against witches. All of his life he thought magic was evil. Celeste has taught him that it’s a gift to be treasured, almost as much as he treasures her.

When an unexpected threat enters their lives, Celeste is forced to send him back to his own world in order to protect him. He awakens in the middle of the swamp, confused and dazed. His memories of the last twenty years are foggy. Yet, there’s one person he’ll never forget, the witch he left behind. He’s desperately seeking a way back to her. However, the witches of New Orleans aren’t willing to help a famous witch hunter.

Will the dark witch and the dark hunter have their happily ever after?
Or will he return too late to save the witch he loves?



But wait, there’s more. My latest release, a crime romance, is available now. It’s dark, dangerous and slightly disturbing.


She can run, but she can’t hide.
They’re coming for her.

Melanie Pittman never thought her life would end up like this. She’s living life on the run, with two brothers chasing after her. No matter how far she runs, she can’t hide from the Rochester brothers. They both know what she’s done and they plan to make her suffer for it.

Damian wants her dead for the crime she committed. Mason, a man who she thought cared for her, wants her to complete the terms of their agreement: sex for his silence. Only death or a life of submission awaits her if she quits moving.

Then there’s her other enemies lurking in the shadows, ready to strike. She can’t hide forever. As her enemies close in on her from all angles, she only has two options: give up or rise up. Melanie’s tired of being hurt and used. She’s ready to fight.

Will she win? Or will one of the brothers get what they want from her?



Last but not least, there’s a giveaway! Enter daily to win.

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