Kidnapping The Vampire Episodes 19-21

Hi KTV readers!

Episodes 19 – 21 of Kidnapping The Vampire are available on Kindle Vella.

In the story, our guys and gals have separated for a bit. Even in such a short amount of time, both groups have managed to find trouble. What do you think about Felicity’s lab? What do you think about the mates vs the bodyguards? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Available only on Kindle Vella: https://amzn.to/3AXKL18

More discussion posts: https://sirenallen.com/kidnapping-the-vampire/

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Don’t know what Kindle Vella is? Here’s an FAQ you can read to learn a bit more. https://sirenallen.com/2021/07/14/kindle-vella/

4 thoughts on “Kidnapping The Vampire Episodes 19-21”

  1. Okay…why do men always resort to violence first?! Why didn’t the mates tell the bodyguards who they are to the women?! Being a nerd myself, I like Felicity room!! I want to know more about what’s in her lab 🥼

    1. Hi Tiffany! Thank you for reading KTV. Yeah, the mates weren’t trying to talk. The moment the bodyguards said ‘our girls’ it was over. Lol. Felicity’s room is cute. I love it. Read Ep 21 to see some of the projects she has in her lab. You may find them interesting.

  2. I’m just wondering how Curtis and the other bodyguards are going to explain Jacen and Arix’s absence to Felicity and Kat?
    When will Felicity, Kat, and Jas find out that they are mates of vampires? Plus grandma will have a lot explaining to do once she arrives.

    1. You’ll find out how they explain it to Kat soon. And when the girls find out the truth, things are going to get… explosive. Yeah, Grandma got some explaining to do for keeping these girls in the dark. But…. maybe she has a good reason. We’ll see.

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