Kidnapping The Vampire, Kindle Vella

KTV episodes 15-18 are available!

Hi KTV readers!

Episodes 15-18 of Kidnapping The Vampire are available on Kindle Vella.

These are heating up at the safe house. In good ways and in bad ways. I’d love to know what you thought of the past few episodes. Share your thoughts in the comments.

In Episode 15: Swoon Alert & Episode 16: So Hard, you got to see the flirty side of Jacen.

It’s clear that Kat is finding it hard to resist his charms. Are you finding Mr. Jacen Tynes irresistible also?

In Episode 17: Girl Talk and Episode 18: Can You Hear That the couples separate for a bit.

In Girl Talk, you get a peek into what Jaslyn has going on. What did you think about what Carter had to say to her over the phone? (Uh, it’s a swoon for me.)

In episode 18, Jacen and Arix are investigating a sound that only they can hear. Were you shocked by how the episode ended?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Available only on Kindle Vella:

Discussion post for episodes 1- 14:

*If you’re enjoying the episodes be sure to like them and give the story a fav each week!*

Don’t know what Kindle Vella is? Here’s an FAQ you can read to learn a bit more.

Are you in need of more vampires to tide you over until next week? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Check out my 4 book series, The Frostlands. You get a sexy vampire, sassy witches, and even a demanding dragon. Are you ready to step into The Frostlands?

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