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The Perfect Date Night with Tahlia and Justin.

Happy February!

Welcome to the month of love. Not only is Valentine’s Day coming up, but this is Black History month! This month, my characters will be describing their idea of the perfect date night. Feel free to leave a comment on the post telling me about your perfect date night or your plans for Valentine’s Day.

Let’s get to the interview. Enjoy!

Siren: His Justin and Tahlia. Thank you guys for chatting with me today.

Tahlia: No problem, Siren. We’re excited to be here. Right, Justin?

Justin: Yeah. Excited!

Tahlia: Don’t mind him. He’s excited. He’s just not capable of showing it. They don’t call him the Ice Prince for nothing.

Siren: That’s right. He is called the Ice Prince. Now I’m curious to know what the Ice Prince considers the perfect date night.

Justin: I’ll let Tahlia go first.

Tahlia: Okay. I’ll go first. For my perfect date night, there has to be wine and chocolate. That’s a must.

Siren: Of course!

Tahlia: We don’t have to go out. But, if we did go out, I’d want to go somewhere that wasn’t crowded. I’d like an intimate setting. Dim lights, low music playing in the background. For dinner, I’d like seafood. I love seafood. At the end of the night, maybe we can take a walk around the park. You know, to help digest the food we’d just ate. After that, we can go home and maybe have another glass of wine. You can never have too much wine.

Siren: Never!

Tahlia: Then we’d take a bubble bath. After we get out of the tub, we’d dry each other off and then lotion each other down. And, uh, after all of that touching, we’d see where the mood takes us from there.

Siren: That’s sound great. Um, are you blushing?

Tahlia: Me? No.

Siren: *Laughing* I think you are blushing. Me thinks there’s more to your idea of the perfect date night, but you’re not sharing it with us.

Tahlia: Nope. That’s it. Dry off then go to bed. Your turn, Justin.

Siren: Keep your secrets then, Tahlia. *Winks at her.* Okay, Justin, you’re up. Let the readers know your idea of the perfect date night.

Justin: Everything Tahlia said is perfect. If she wants that, I’ll give it to her. But, I don’t need any of that.

Siren: Oh, okay. What do you need for your date night to be perfect?

Justin: *Stares intently at Tahlia.* All I need is her. I don’t need any wine. I don’t need food. And when it comes to chocolate, I don’t need that either. Because there’s nothing sweeter than her.

Siren quietly fans herself. Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? Even Tahlia is looking a little flushed. And the way he’s looking at her… oh my! I think they may need some time alone.

Justin: Tahlia’s bubble bath idea sounds good. But there’s other ways to get wet. Ways that don’t involve water at all.

Siren: What do they involve?

Justin: My fingers. My tongue. My…

Tahlia: Okay! Thanks for having us Siren. Justin and I…. we need to go on a date. Right now!

Siren: Right now?

Tahlia: Yep. We’re leaving.

Siren: But…. *Watches them rush from the room.*

Well, I guess that’s the end of that interview. With the way they ran up out of here, they’ve probably already made it home and Tahlia is probably already getting wet…. No water needed. I hope you enjoyed this short interview with the characters from, Just In Time For Love. If you want to know more about them, check out their novella on Amazon.

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