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Look Who Dropped By Today: Siren Allen

Living the Dream

Today, there are two posts on Living the Dream. If you are looking for the October Frights Blog Hop, scroll down. If you want to take advantage of a great giveaway, check the end of this post! 

This morning I want to welcome fellow author, Siren Allen who’s got news about her latest book and a giveaway for you, too.Take it away, Siren.

Dress codes and giveaways with author Siren Allen!

silver I’m excited to announce that I have a new Sci-Fi romance available. The book is titled, Silver, and it’s available on Amazon. I thoroughly enjoyed writing Silver and I fell in love with the characters long before I began writing the story. Silver is an alpha male who is used to getting his way, while Malia is sort of shy but slowly learning to hold her own on a ship full of males.

I wanted her to be comfortable in her…

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#ThisorThat with the nerds from #TheMakeover. #Romantic #Comedy


Happy Saturday!

Today is the last day of ‘This or That.’ I decided to save the nerd girls for last. Who are the nerd girls you ask. They’re the ladies from my romantic comedy, The Makeover. These ladies were so fun to write. But, I have to admit, I’m a little afraid to ask them questions. They have a habit of saying exactly what’s on their mind. That’s not always a good thing. Oh well, here we go.


#1 High heels or flats?

April: Flats

Nicole: Heels. They make your legs long and they look sexy.

Robyn: Heels. And heels for April also. Sometimes the girl doesn’t know her own mind.

April: Uh, I know my mind. That’s why I said flats. I hate heels.

Nicole: You wore them on your first date with Chad.

April: Yeah, and I nearly broke my neck. Plus, I only wore them because you two made me. If it was left up to me, I would wear jogging pants and tennis shoes everyday.

Nicole: Oh my gosh.

Robyn: This is why we have to dress her.

#2 Committed relationships or one night stands?

April: Committed relationships. I believe in love and romance and babies and….

Nicole: One night stands. Because no one has time to be pushing out a whole baby.

Robyn: I second that motion. The one Nicole said, not April’s.

April: So neither of you two want babies?

Nicole: Yeah, in like, five to ten years. Not right now. We’re young. We should be thinking about parties and kissing, not getting married and raising a family.

Robyn: I don’t even have a real job. What would I do with a baby?

April: You two are so backwards.

Robyn: No, you’re just in love and that’s got you thinking about babies.

April: I am not in love. I’m in like. There’s a difference.

#3 Netflix and chill or a picnic on the beach?

April: Netflix and chill. I enjoy being inside. I’m not really an outdoors person, unless of course I’m going to a Star Trek convention.

Nicole: Netflix and chill. Whenever I see the sun I turn into a gremlin. Bright light, bright light.

Robyn: LOL. I gremlin up too when the sun comes out. At our apartment, we keep vampire hours. We only go outside when the sun sets.


Revenge is a dish best served cold… while wearing heels.

April has just learned the real reason behind her boss’ impromptu dinner invitation. He only invited her to dinner with his colleagues to prove a point: that he can show up at an event with a plain Jane and still be considered ‘the man’. She expected better from him and had secretly hoped that one day their friendship would grow into something deeper. Now she knows she will always just be his ‘nerdy secretary’ to him.

But her two best friends won’t let her wallow in her pain. They convince her to give Dr. Stewart a dose of his own medicine. The plan: show up at the dinner looking irresistible and prove to her boss that even nerd girls can be sexy. But first she has to replace her unattractive business suits with something sexier and more revealing. It’s time for a makeover.

Dr. Chad Stewart would never ‘really’ date his secretary. She was too good, to pure for someone as jaded as himself. It didn’t matter that he was half in love with her. But when he needed an ‘average date’ for a dinner party she was the first person he turned to. He thought his secretary was the perfect choice until he arrived to find her looking like his wildest fantasy. But now she knows the real reason for his invite and he can see in her eyes how hurt she is.

Can Chad convince her to forgive him for hurting her or will she walk out of his life… taking his heart with her?

The Makeover – Only $1.99 and FREE with Kindle Unlimited. If you’re looking for a light read with fun nerd girls and a sexy doctor. This book is for you.:)

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✦ Cover Reveal ✦ CRASH RIDE by T. GEPHART

✦ Cover Reveal ✦



Megan Winters had lusted over Troy Harris, drummer for international rock band Power Station, for years. Not being the type of girl who was invited backstage, her fantasies had stayed just that, fantasies. When her best friend unexpectedly starts dating one of the other band members it puts her on a crash course at war with her libido. Her solution— they need to have sex. Surely once she had scratched that itch, and saw the fantasy didn’t live up to the reality she could move on. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

Troy Harris vowed to stay away from Megs. The sexy, smart and funny blonde left his mind and his body feeling like a pretzel. No matter how attracted he was to her, she was a no-go zone. The best friend of his best friend’s girlfriend? Cue the reality show. But when she gives him the chance to have a one-night no strings good time, there was no way he could turn that down. Maybe she was right. One night, and then they could go back to being just friends.

Both of them were delusional.

Book two of the Power Station series.
Release date is Feb 19th

Good Reads link-

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Book one is available on Amazon:


~Available Now – Yours, For Now ~

Yours for Now 200x300

The question: “Would you like to try BDSM with me?”

Elizabeth Kemp never thought she’d ask friend and colleague, Preston Lancaster to be her submissive. Even more surprising, he agrees – on one condition: she has to return the favor. Her two weeks as his Domme ends with a dramatic climax she wasn’t prepared for – she’s hopelessly in love and terrified he’ll break her heart.

Dr. Preston Lancaster has been in love with Elizabeth since the day they met. His two weeks with her are more than he ever imagined, but when the tables are turned, she refuses to make good on her promise to reciprocate. Preston isn’t giving up without a fight, but he’s not fighting for two weeks of dominance anymore. He’s fighting for forever.

Can Preston convince Elizabeth that her heart is safe with him – or will two weeks be all he has?


“You’re blushing.” He said, flashing his pearly whites.

Flustered, Elizabeth stared down at the red and white table she was leaning against. Meeting here at the café was their Wednesday evening ritual. Her plan was to hype him up on sugar, pop the question, and let him go home to think about it all night. He was making this much harder than it was supposed to be. Pushing a few strands of her brown hair behind her ear, she focused on getting the conversation back on track.

“I always blush, you know this Preston.”

“Yeah, but you’re usually blushing at a dirty joke one of the interns tell you, or at something you read in one of your books while on lunch break. You never blush with me, because of me.”

Elizabeth lifted her head to gaze into his eyes.

“I like it. I like that you’re blushing because of me,” he whispered.

A chill crept down her spine, and she suppressed a shudder. She licked her lips and watched his gaze focus on her mouth. All sound of chatter in the restaurant disappeared. The melody of his breathing was the only thing she heard, and it was music to her ears. His gaze no longer on her lips, they stared at one another. She knew she should say something, but it was her turn to be speechless.

“I’m ready, Eliza.”

That sentence snapped her out of her daze. Shaking her head slightly to clear it, she rubbed her hands over her face, and then placed them back on the table.

“You may not be so ready once you hear the rules. You might not even like my idea any more once I tell you all the ground rules.” Elizabeth laughed softly, attempting to lighten the mood.

“I don’t think there’s anything I wouldn’t like about you or your idea, but if you want to regulate how this works, go ahead.”

“Okay, um, rule number one…” Elizabeth cleared her throat and took a quick look around the room again to make sure no one was watching them.

“What’s the first rule?”

“Give me time to say it.” Elizabeth searched her mind for a rule. She tore her napkin into a bunch of tiny pieces as rule after rule raced through her mind, none of which made sense. It was too late for her to wonder why she hadn’t thought this through more before presenting it to him.

“You don’t have any rules, do you?”

His smile was back; she loved his smile and dreamed about the dimple in his cheek. “I have rules. Rule number one is this is nothing permanent.” Yes, that was a great rule to start with. “We are just experimenting. We’ll try BDSM for a little while, you know, just to say we’ve done it before. I hear it’s the fad now. After we’re done, we’ll go back to being just friends. Okay?”

Preston chuckled.

“What’s so funny?”

“First off, my best friend and his wife live a BDSM lifestyle. I don’t think they would call it a fad. There’s more to it than what you read in books, and before you say anything, yes, I’ve seen the book you and the nurses pass around the nurses’ station.”

Elizabeth felt her cheeks heating again. “You don’t expect us to read Medical Journals all the time do you?”

“Of course not.” Preston leaned closer to her over the table. “Read whatever makes you happy, especially if it drives you to ask me to try things with you.”

His smile shouldn’t increase the throbbing she was experiencing, but it did. Elizabeth moved away from him, pressing her back against her chair.

“Okay, um, on to rule number two.”

“You haven’t finished rule number one.”

“I did. I said we would only experiment for a little while and then we would resume our regular relationship as friends.”

“A little while? That’s vague. How long are we talking…a couple of days or a couple of months?”

However long it took her to get over this insane craving she had for him. “How does a month sound?”

“You think that’s going to be enough time to experience all the aspects of BDSM?”

“If we do it right, it should.”

Preston leaned back in his seat. “I plan to do it right.”

Elizabeth clenched her thighs together. “Okay, Mr. Confident, on to rule number two. This stays between us.”

“Are you sure you’re going to be able to keep a secret like this from your best friends?”

“You mean Nancy and Tameka? I don’t tell them everything.”

“You ladies are inseparable. They’re going to wonder why you’re being secretive and not showing up to all of your girl’s night out events.”

Her girl’s nights were sacred. There was no way she was going to miss hanging with her friends. “What makes you think I won’t show up for girl’s night out?”

“Because you’ll be mine for two months. You won’t have the energy to stand up, and you definitely won’t have the energy to show up.”

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Girl Talk with author Anais Morgan


Welcome to another Girl Talk Saturday! Today we have author Anais Morgan sharing with us her characters from, At Your Service, New Year’s Resolutions.

Heroine’s New Year’s resolutions
1. Accept people as they are, not their worth.
2. Find my own way, not just live off my parents.
3. Keep up to date on the latest fashions (I’m a starlet, after all).
4. Find ways to be around Rye.

Hero’s New Year’s Resolutions
1. Please my lady’s requests.
2. Improve my skills as a butler.
3. Gain confidence to run a household.
4. Learn to sew (getting a tailor in the middle of the night is not easy).
5. I’d like to think that, if I save up the money, I am ready to buy a ring for Dana.

All commenters will be entered in a drawing to win a spa gift set and a copy of the book. Winners will be chosen at random.

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****New Release****
~At Your Service by Anais Morgan~

As the new butler, Rye is sure sex with his boss’ daughter isn’t in the job description.

The last thing Rye Matthews wants to do is follow in his father’s footsteps as a butler. What keeps him at the Montgomery mansion is Dana. She’s beautiful and has amazing curves. Rye can’t deny the immediate attraction.

When Dana’s normal carrier is sick, Rye is asked to take her shopping. He doesn’t expect her to be forward, getting very physical in a dressing room. He burns to touch her more but knows he must keep it professional, for his job’s sake. Can he resist Dana’s temptations, or are his days as a butler numbered?

Available Now!!

Guest post ~ Bringing back the Gothic Novel ~ Jane Godman

Rise and Shine. Today Jane Godman has taken over my blog. I’m so excited about the topic she has chosen – Gothic Romance. It’s all yours Jane.

Bringing Back the Gothic Novel

I love Gothic romances. The first Gothic’s were written in the late 18th and early 19th century in England. Gothic romances were mysteries, often involving the supernatural and heavily tinged with horror. They were usually set against dark backgrounds of medieval ruins, mysterious manor houses and haunted castles. The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole was the forerunner of the genre, which also included the works of Ann Radcliffe, Matthew Gregory Lewis and Mary Shelley. Jane Austen’s novel Northanger Abbey pokes fun at Gothic romances.


During the 1960s Gothic romances became enormously popular. Modeled on Charlotte Brontë’s ‘Jane Eyre’ and Daphne du Maurier’s ‘Rebecca’, these novels usually had a spirited young heroine, a large gloomy mansion, peculiar supporting characters, precocious children and darkly handsome men with mysterious pasts. Authors included Victoria Holt, Mary Stewart and Dorothy Eden.

The popularity of the Gothic has waned in recent years. But I have always loved the darker side of romance novels and missed the Gothics. So, what do you do as an author if you want to see more of a particular genre? Get writing, of course!

The ‘new’ Gothics have elements of the supernatural or unexplained, but are not paranormal romances. They have high levels of sensuality, but are not erotic romances. I was delighted, having written my own new Gothic, to find that Harlequin were launching their new Shivers digital first line. Harlequin, always at the cutting edge of publishing, had noticed exactly the same gap in the market that I had seen.

So what can readers expect from a Jane Godman Gothic?

1. The setting is dark, gloomy and atmospheric.
2. A feisty heroine who pushes the boundaries.
3. A villain you fall in love with.
4. And a hero you fall in love with. (for different reasons)
5. Dark secrets, the past comes back to haunt the present.
6. Some surprises along the way.

I hope that you will join me on my quest to ‘bring back the Gothic’ and enjoy this genre as much as I do!

Jane Godman Author Bio

I am an avid reader of historical romances, and have always enjoyed writing (I still have a copy of the medieval novel I wrote, in felt tip pen, aged 14!).

My Powder and Patch romances, published by Front Porch Romance, are set in the Georgian era – from the wild passion of the Jacobite rebellion to the charm and formality of the Regency – with heroes and heroines you fall instantly in love with, fascinating and amusing supporting characters and luscious settings.

I also love the darker side of the romance novel and I write Gothic mystery/romance books. The first of these will be be published by Harlequin later this year as part of their new ‘Shivers’ digital first line.

I live in England and love to travel to European cities which are steeped in history and romance. Venice, Dubrovnik and Vienna are amongst my favourites. I am a teacher, married to a lovely man, mum to two grown up children and slave to a spoilt-brat cat.

I love to hear from readers and can be contacted at:

‘The Rebel’s Promise’ is Book 1 in The Powder and Patch Collection
In December 1745, Jacobite troops, led by Bonnie Prince Charlie, march on Derby intent on seizing the throne. Rosie Delacourt’s quiet existence is thrown into turmoil when she rescues a rebel lord from certain death. A passionate attachment blossoms but there is a price on Jack’s head and he must flee the country. Before he leaves, he makes Rosie a promise that he will return and claim her as his bride.

Rosie believes that Jack has been killed in battle at Culloden. She is threatened with ruin and forced into a distasteful betrothal with her ruthless neighbour, Sir Clive Sheridan. When Jack returns, he is unable to hide the anguish he feels at her betrayal … and Rosie dare not risk both their lives by telling him the truth. They inhabit the same privileged world of balls, routs and parties, but it seems the only feelings which remain between Jack and Rosie now are bitterness and anger. When danger throws them together again, however, they are reminded of the tenderness they once shared.

‘The Rebel’s Promise’ book trailer:


“Your gown suits you very well,” he informed her, steering her expertly around the dance floor, “It announces to the world that you have the heart of a common harlot beneath all that expensive silk and lace.”
He might be angry – although Rosie had no idea why – but that was going too far! They were separated briefly by the movement of the set and, when they came back together, Rosie’s own temper – usually slow to ignite – had already reached boiling point. Between his cold fury and her white hot chagrin, it was obvious to even the most casual observer that a sizzling argument was underway.

“How dare you!” Rosie hissed, her hand, gripped tightly in his, twitched convulsively with the effort of not slapping him.

Jack shrugged, “The truth stings, does it not?” he asked, through gritted teeth, “You should take yourself off to Covent Garden and ply your trade there. With your wares so openly on display,” he indicated the exposed half-globes of her bosom, “I’ve no doubt you would be a success.”

“Is that where you found your fine mistress?” Rosie spat back at him, “I don’t see you berating Lady Cavendish who is practically falling out of her gown. Since when did you become a puritan, my lord? Was it in her bed? I had heard she teaches a very different type of lesson from its oft-used depths.”

“Is this display for any man who cares to look his fill? Or is it to inflame your intended? I believe his predilection for whores is well known. Do you whisper sweet words of love to him as you flaunt your charms in front of his eyes?”
Jack knew he was degenerating into a jealous rant now, but he found he could not stop firing bitter questions at her. A few interested glances were cast their way.

“What do you say to him, Rosie? Do you use the same sugared phrases and feigned artlessness with which you charmed me?” He gripped her wrist tightly as she tried to swing away from him. “After all, it was not so very long ago that you said ‘I love you more than life itself, Jack’…”

“If I said that, I lied! I don’t love you!” she panted under her breath, trying to pull away. “I hate you! I wish I had never met you!”


Purchase links for ‘The Rebel’s Promise’
Front Porch Romance:

‘The Corsair’s Revenge’ is Book 2 in The Powder and Patch Collection

Caro Trelawn has no idea why she has been kidnapped on the way to her wedding.

She is taken prisoner aboard a pirate galleon by the notorious brigand known as Le Corsaire, a man who seems strangely familiar.
When Laurent Bergeron, Comte de St Valier, succumbs to a vengeful impulse and abducts Caro, he does not bargain on the impact his feisty captive has on him. From the minute they set eyes on each other, their relationship is volatile and fiery. Try as he might to keep his distance, Laurent cannot resist the passion that sizzles between them. So how will he react when Caro succeeds in escaping from him?

Caro’s journey takes her from the wild Cornish coast to the elegant salons of Paris and ends, with a shocking denouement, in the slums of London’s St Giles. In The Corsair’s Revenge, we meet some familiar faces from Jane Godman’s first novel, The Rebel’s Promise.


“Kidnapping is a new venture for me, as well you know,” he stated calmly, in response to his valet’s reproachful glances. “So pray spare me those dagger-eyes, Pierre, and tell me instead, how fares our … guest?” There was a slight, sardonic emphasis on the last word.

“She is quiet, monseigneur,” the little man bustled about the quarterdeck, dodging the sailors as they prepared the ship for its voyage, “Ominous quiet,” he shook his head and sighed.

“I confess I was surprised to find her so docile when Foutaise and Maggot carried her aboard.” The two seamen he referred to were on the deck below. Maggot, delighted to be noticed by his captain, signalled this by looking up with a gap-toothed grin. Foutaise, on the other hand, maintained a muttered diatribe in his native French. Some, he muttered, casting darkling glances in the direction of the tall figure on the quarterdeck, might consider it unbecoming to the dignity of a seasoned sailor to be sent ashore to procure a wench for the captain. Maggot, fearing their master’s displeasure, cuffed him lightly around the ear before hauling him out of earshot.

“Mon Dieu!” Pierre shuddered theatrically. “I too would be obedient in the hands of two such scoundrels! Monseigneur, I do not know why you could not have sent someone with more finesse to …” he paused, searching for the right word, “… collect her.”

The captain made an impatient gesture, “Because I wanted them to abduct the wench, for the Lord’s sake, not invite her to afternoon tea! Have done, Pierre, she is aboard and unharmed.” He frowned, “Hendry must like his women pliant. Myself, I prefer a bit more spirit … but I suppose we must be thankful to find her so amenable. Feminine tears and tantrums would add naught to our comfort during this venture.”

He turned away and exchanged a few words with the first mate. A strong breeze tugged at the sails so that they creaked and groaned in their eagerness to be away. A brief squall of rain had washed the deck that afternoon, leaving diamond droplets clinging to the wooden rails and a fresh tang in the air. But conditions now were perfect. They would weigh anchor and depart within the hour.

Pierre lingered, plainly still troubled. “But, monseigneur, I very much fear she … our …” he hesitated again delicately. The task of finding the right words for such an occasion was placing a strain on his ingenuity, “… visitor could be unwell. Despite what you say, ‘tis not natural for one in her position to be so placid …” Pierre twisted his hands together and regarded his master pleadingly.

The finely moulded lips thinned briefly. “Very well, I will check on her.”

He made his way along the companionway, which ran between the cabins. Pausing outside the door of the first mate’s quarters, he listened briefly for any sound from within. There was none.
The key grated in the lock as he turned it and the door swung inwards. With superb reflexes, he ducked at the last minute and narrowly avoided the pewter tankard that had been aimed, with remarkable precision, at his head.


Purchase Links for ‘The Corsair’s Revenge’
Front Porch Romance:

Coming Soon!

‘An Improper Lady’, Book 3 in The Powder and Patch Collection, will be published by Front Porch Romance in time for Christmas 2013.
My first Gothic Shivers novel will be published by Harlequin later this year. It doesn’t have a title yet … but it will be dark and brooding! Watch out for a dramatic, atmospheric setting, a villain to take your breath away and a heroine who breaks all the rules …

Steamy Poetry!


Today you can find me hanging out with Deliza over at her blog – Deliza’s Dirty Dramas. I’ve provided a very steamy poem for her blog, but let me warn you – this poem is not pg-13 :). Hope you like it!

Here’s a teaser:

***Her hips jerked in anticipation; he hadn’t even touched her yet
Blindfolded, handcuffed to the bed; she was already soaking wet
She felt a dip in the mattress; he was making his way over to her
She held her breath; impatiently awaiting his first touch, his first words.***

You have to visit Deliza’s Blog for the rest…. 🙂

xoxo Siren


What motivates me to get up every morning and write? This is a question i was asked by a co-worker. She doesn’t understand why i focus on writing so much.

Well, I do it because i love it. It has been a passion of mine since i was a little girl. In high school i would write short stories about me and all my friends and the adventures we wished we could get into. I love having my neices and nephews over and telling the bed time stories that i wrote just from them.

Bottom line is, i love writing. I’m not perfect at it and i’m still learning the craft. But one day i plan to be a published author so i need to learn as much as i can about the craft and enter as many writer challenges as i can because it makes me a better writer.

What motivates you to write? Leave me a comment.
xoxo Siren.