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What I’m Reading: Studdin Axxel by author Donna R. Mercer.


Hi guys. As you all know, when I’m not busy writing, I have my nose in a book. Today, I just finished ‘Studdin Axxel: Inappropriate Dating Agency’ by Donna R. Mercer. I absolutely loved this book. Before I get to my review, let me tell you a little bit about the book.


***The Inappropriate Date Agency does not assume liability for any panties that end up soaking wet from an encounter with our contractors. Nor do we assume liability for any freaked out parents, embarrassed siblings or food fight that may or may not have started on account of their contractors.***

Winifred Hamilton was taking her life back.

For twenty-six years her mother has guilt tripped her into playing it safe. Now she and her friends wanted Wendy to live the same throwback 1960 lives that they did. No way, no how was Wendy going to succumb to the pressure.

Little did she know that reading an innocent looking ad in the back of a magazine would change her life forever.

Axxel Rhodes, put the BA into Bad Boy. He excelled at being an A-hole and now he was bringing that skill to Wendy. He was hired to convince Wendy’s mother that she was more than capable of deciding her own future including her husband.

Go big or go home was the motto he lived his life by and he was big all over. More importantly he was willing to show Wendy how big he could get in and out of bed, against the wall, on the living room floor….


This short story is available on Amazon and FREE with Kindle Unlimited!
Amazon link: https://amzn.to/2uNWLEp


I love everything about this story. I love the plot and the way the author let it unfold. The idea of an inappropriate dating agency is awesome and I love the main characters.

Axxel is a sexy bad boy with a good heart. (The kind we all love.) Wendy is an obedient daughter who is tired of her controlling mother. I loved getting to know Wendy’s inner rebel.

The moment Axxel hears Wendy’s voice, he’s intrigued. The chemistry between the two of them are HOT. This story is hot and hilarious. This book is a must read!


You should also read this author’s Club Envy Series, which is available on Amazon.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077ZC85KX

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