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New Year’s Resolutions With Garrett and Oni.

Happy Thursday and welcome to another edition of Siren Chat. Okay, so, I should’ve posted this yesterday. What had happen was, I stayed in bed all day. It felt soooo good to stay in bed and not do anything. I feel so refreshed now. Guys, we have to take a break every now and then for our mental stability. If you don’t, please start. I took a day off and I’m feeling energized.

So, let’s get started. This month, we’re focusing on New Year’s Resolutions. I’m interviewing characters from my books to find out what their resolutions are. Today, we have Garrett and Oni from Garrett’s Temptation joining us. But, before we get to them, I will share one of my resolutions with you. It’s one that sounds super easy but is actually very hard.

Write more. See, simple, right? Nope. I’m easily distracted by television, the squirrels who like to play on my porch – I have named them Chip and Dale. My hubby is a distraction. The biggest distraction is social media. So, this year, I hope to find a PA to handle most of my social media duties while I focus on writing. Wish me luck! (I guess that’s two resolutions right there. Find a PA and write more.)

Okay, enough about me. Now, for what you all came here for. Let’s chat with Oni and Garrett.

Warning: I am not responsible for what they do or say. Also, if you have not read books 1-3 of this series, you may not want to read this interview. It contains spoilers.

Siren: Okay, readers. I have Garrett and Oni here with me. They’re going to share their New Year’s resolutions with you. Before they start, take a minute to think about what you imagine their resolutions will be. At the end of the interview, leave a comment and let me know if you guessed correctly!

Siren – Hi, Oni!

Oni – Hi, Siren. Long time no see.

Siren – Hi, Garrett.

Garrett – I heard you made Dean angry last week.

Siren – …..

Garrett – ……

Siren – …..

Garrett – Good, someone needs to bring up the subject of kids with him. He gets upset whenever I do it.

Siren – I didn’t bring it up. Rain did. Yet, he still got upset with me.

Garrett – Don’t worry about it. That’s just how he is. He has a bad attitude.

Siren *Raises eyebrow* Oh, he does, does he? Is he the only one with a bad attitude?

Garrett *With a straight face* Yes, he is.

Siren – …..

Garrett – ……

Siren – ……

Oni – I feel like I’m missing something here.

Garrett – You’re not missing anything, Beauty. Siren just likes giving me a hard time.

Siren – True. By the way, How’s Scar?

Garrett – ….

Siren -…….

Garrett – I heard Dean threatened to burn this place down. We can make that happen.

Oni – Garrett! Stop acting like that. As for Scar…. *Oni sighs* We haven’t heard from him in a while. I’m worried.

Garrett – I thought we were here to talk about New Year’s Resolutions.

Siren – We are.

Garrett – Let’s do that then. I’ll start.

Siren – Usually, I have the woman start….

Garrett – I’ll start.

Siren – Fine.

Garrett – My New Year’s Resolutions are to protect my family from threats. I also want to forever be a great father to my kids. I want to be someone they can depend on and run to when things are too hard. But, I also want to teach them to stand on their own two feet.

Oni – I like those resolutions, Beast.

Siren – So do I, Beast.

Oni – Siren, you tried it.

Siren – My bad. Garrett, what’s your final resolution?

Garrett – It’s Oni’s turn.

Siren – But, you only told us two and…

Garrett – It’s my wife’s turn.

Siren – Ugh, fine! Oni can you please share with the readers your THREE New Year’s resolutions.

Oni – Sure thing, Siren. As long as you don’t call Garrett Beast again.

Siren – I wouldn’t dream of it.

Oni – Great. My first resolution is to get healthier.

Garrett – Don’t you dare lose weight.

Oni – While getting healthier, some weight may drop off.

Garrett – First, you said you was just trying to lose baby weight. You lost it. Now you trying to lose that a$$. I’m not happy with this, Beauty.

Oni – Okay, okay. I’ll just work on toning up.

Garrett – I’ll work out with you.

Oni – We tried that. When you work out with me, you always end up…. you know.

Garrett *Winks at Oni* Yeah, I know.

Oni *Smiles and blushes.*

Siren – Okaaay, let’s get back on track guys.

Garrett – Mind your business, Siren.

Siren – This is my business. I’m here to interview you guys. Not watch you two stare into each other’s eyes.

Garrett – Jealous?

Siren – Uh, no. I’ve got a husband of my own.

Garrett – Has he ever killed for you?

Siren – Well…

Garrett – Has he ever laid your enemies at your feet?

Siren – Um….

Garrett – Has he ever…..

Siren – He’s never kidnapped me. Neither has he ever tried to torture me. And he’s never…

Garrett – Why you bringing up the past?

Oni – I feel like I’m the only adult in the room. You two do realize I have babies to get back to and I hate being away from them for a long period of time, right?

Garrett – Yes, love. Let’s go home to our twins.

Siren – Can one of you at least tell me your resolutions?

Garrett – I told you two of mine.

Siren – What’s your final one?

Garrett – I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it.

Siren – Really? You’ve known about this interview all month.

Garrett – I’ve had other sh*t to deal with, Siren. I don’t get to take a day off like you do.

Siren – Oh, really? You know what? You’ve been hella petty lately.

Oni – Enough you two. I’ll tell you mine, Siren. I already said I want to be healthier this year. I also want to take my writing career to the next level.

Siren: I feel you on that. Can you elaborate a bit?

Oni: Sure. I’m talking movie deals and all of that. I want merch for my books too. By the way, I love your merch.

Siren – Thanks!

Oni – As for my final resolution, I want my family to get back together.

Siren – Are you talking about reuniting with your mother and your sister?

Oni *Rolls eyes* Of course not. That’s another story. I’m talking about my Killer Crew. As you know, Scar left the house. He’s gone to find himself or something like that.

Siren stares at Garrett. Garrett glares at Siren.


Garrett shakes his head.


Garrett swipes his finger across his throat.

Siren *Ignores the warning* Is that why Scar said he left? Did he really leave to go ‘find himself?’

Oni – Yeah. Why? What have you heard?

Siren*Reading Garrett’s Lips.*

Garrett. – *Mouths the words, kill shot.*

Siren – I was just asking.

Oni – Oh! Okay.  Well, those are my three resolutions. I think we’re done here.

Siren – I guess so. Thank you both for talking to me today.

Oni – You’re welcome, Siren. Anytime. Thank you for having us. We’ll see you later.

Siren – Bye. Bye Garrett!


Siren Shaking head as she watches them head to the door. After they leave, Siren gathers up her notes. She looks up when she hears footsteps. There’s Garrett. Good thing she wore her bulletproof vest.

Garrett – Why did you keep bringing up Scar?

Siren – No reason.

Garrett – Hmm….

Siren – Hmm….

For a minute, he doesn’t say anything.

Siren – Did you need anything else?

Garrett *Rubs his hand through his hair* How is he?

Siren – You should ask him yourself.

Garrett – I’m asking you.

Siren – And I’m telling you to ask him. He’s still your brother, right?


Siren – Let me give you a piece of advice. No one lives forever. If you’ve got something you want to say to someone, say it today. Tomorrow isn’t promised. If you want to know how Scar is doing, find him and ask him.

Garrett – You sound like you blame me for him leaving?

Siren – I do.

Garrett – Why?

Siren – Because you pushed him away.

Garrett – I didn’t. All I wanted was to have my wife to myself.

Siren – Whatever you say.

Garrett – Would your husband be okay with you going to his brother when you need help? Would your husband be okay with his brother hanging around you, making you laugh and sh*t like that?


Garrett – In my heart, I know they’re only friends. I know my wife is loyal to me. But I’ve never had someone love me the way she does. I’ve never had someone treat me the way she does. I’ve never had someone look at me the way she does. I’m possessive. And I’m never going to apologize for being this way. I want all her smiles. I want to be the one she turns to, every time, no matter what it is. I don’t want to share any part of her.

Siren – I understand. But…

Garrett – You don’t understand. Everything I love, it always gets taken from me. Not this time. Not my Beauty. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her. Even if it means losing a brother. I’ll always be there for Scar. But I can’t have him back in the safehouse.

Siren – But…

Garrett – Call me crazy. I’ll be that. I’m crazy about Oni. And nothing you or anyone else says will change that. So, next time, don’t bring up Scar in front of her. Got that?

Garrett turns and leaves, leaving Siren staring after him.

Siren: Okay, readers! Let’s chat for a moment. Look, I know Garrett is hurting. I can see that. Now, I’ve just got to find a way to help him. Readers, what do you suggest? Leave me a comment letting me know whether or not you agree with Garrett’s logic? Would your life partner feel the same way if you were close to their brother or friend like Oni is close with Scar? I want to hear your thoughts on this.

That’s it for this week. Next week, I’m interviewing a few members of the Killer Crew. I want to know what they think about what’s going on between Garrett and Scar. Until next week, be safe and always read past your bedtime! Smooches!

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P.S – Next week, I’ve got a special announcement coming. No, it’s not Scar’s book releasing early. Lol. I know some of you would think that and I didn’t want you to be disappointed. It’s something else. You’ll see what it is next week! Later!

14 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions With Garrett and Oni.”

  1. Give Garrett’s past with people he loves I understand. I think he needs to share this with his wife so she can understand.

  2. Well I understand Garrett’s feelings about wanting her smiles and her attention just for him but how is that fair you want them to risk their lives for Oni but not become close to her keep in mind she doesn’t have any real family. Garrett get over it Oni is going to be big mad when she finds out the real reason.

  3. I can understand Garrett’s possessive nature, but the blowback when Oni finds out is going to be epic. I think I might feel same way as Garrett if my spouse was that way with my sister or a female friend. It leads to issues of trust. Esp with how Garrett has lost out in the past. Garrett does trust Oni, but there is a tiny part of him that fears she might leave him too and he’s not willing to leave any space or reason for that to happen. Garrett’s going to have to come clean, poor baby. Lord, don’t tell him I called him that, I like breathing!

  4. Garrett needs to lighten up and trust Scar will not betray him. Scar is family and Oni loves him as a brother, nothing more.

  5. Garrett is correct when he said everything/everyone he’s ever loved was taken from him so I can understand his extreme possessive nature with regard to Oni (and the twins). However, he needs to try to understand Scar along with the rest of the Killer Crew are no less her brothers than they are his. And brothers are ALL they are to her. They are the family she chose; the family that loves her unconditionally. I think Garrett has forgotten that the loss of her father (her only champion at the time) devastated her not to mention the treatment she received from her mother and sister only added to her pain. (I don’t count Rain and Dean cause I dislike them. I haven’t forgiven them for being laid up together while Garrett was being tortured.) I think losing another family member (Scar)hurts her and WHEN she finds out why he really left, Garrett better ready because I have the feeling she deals with betrayal about as well as her husband does.

  6. My heart hurts for my baby Garrett, he is a man that would literally die for Oni, but he is also the only one that is gonna take that punishment Oni will hit him with once she finds out. Men like Garrett can not have a man wanting his woman even if feelings do change, that is still in Garrett’s mind, so I’m sure Garett and Scar’s brotherhood will be find, once Scars eyes zoom in on his own woman

  7. Garrett is dead ass wrong it’s just like I said in my post about the killer crew Scar should not come back at all. Whether he gets his own woman or not. I wouldn’t even bother with them if Garrett can throw Scar away so easily why would he want to be his brother again. Excuse my language but F*** Garrett and the rest of that crew. Just like the other comment said. He wants Scar to die for Oni and the twins but he can’t be friends with her that’s BS to the 20th power. Reading Oni and Garrett’s new year resolution just further tells me that Scar needs to be done with them whether he has a woman or not. No more putting himself in danger for anyone but him and the one he loves. If Garrett can be selfish and disregard their history, well what’s good for the goose is always good for the gander. Scar needs to stay to himself. He has no one he can trust anymore Garrett and the rest of the killer crew betrayed him for me wouldn’t be no going back friendship/brotherhood, is a done da da!

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